Kittie Bassist Trish Doan Has Died (1985-2017)

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I’m deeply saddened to share the news that Kittie bassist Trish Doan has passed away. The news hit me when I was reading my Facebook feed and suddenly saw a photo of Trish along with a notice from her sister sharing the news that she was gone. Trish was 31 years of age and no cause of death had been noted. The Official Statement from her band Kittie is below….

trish doan, trish doan concert photos,
Trish Doan w Kittie circa 2007

“It is with immeasurable sadness that we share news of the passing of our sister and best friend Trish Doan. Finding the right words is tough. She was so bright and vibrant and talented and we loved her and still do. She was so much more than just a musician or member of the band. She was our blood, our sister and family. Finding our way without her will be challenging, like a ship without a lighthouse, and we are devastated. We ask that you please respect our privacy and her family’s privacy during this difficult time.” – Kittie

trish doan, trish doan concert photos
Trish Doan w Kittie circa 2012

Trish joined Kittie in 2005 and recorded their EP “Never Again” and the full-length “Funeral For Yesterday” album. She would resign from the post in 2008 to deal with an eating disorder but after some time had passed returned to the lineup and seemed to be back for the attack and kicking some serious bass ass. When Kittie went on hiatus to focus their attention on the upcoming documentary about their storied career, Trish would relocate from Canada to Australia. The journey didn’t seem to always be an easy one but like anything you hope for the best for the people you get to meet in this world. Speaking personally, I was fortunate enough to have met and kept up with Trish from time to time over the past few years and that is what makes composing these thoughts all the more difficult. She was truly a talented and unique person whose light has gone out far too early. The photos I used in this memorial reflection were from gigs that I attended and shot while being blown away by the crunching bass. Sigh. I wish the members of Kittie all the strength that can be mustered and I send a sad farewell to the stars above for Trish. Goodnight Trish, thank you for all the creativity that you gave the world, may you Rest in Peace.

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  1. This is deeply saddening news. I never had the pleasure of meeting or seeing Trish, as the only time I caught the band live was during her hiatus. However, she was indeed a great bass player. But, what is most tragic of all is how young she was. My most sincere condolences to the band and her loved ones. May she RIP.

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