Kittie @ B.B. King Blues Club (2/12/2007)

Kittie was hitting NYC with their newest lineup and to make this a killer night had brought along some incredible opening bands. The cold from the streets of NYC were avoided inside the confines of the B.B. King Blues Club tonight as 36 Crazyfists, Dead To Fall, Walls Of Jericho and In This Moment helped make it all the more memorable a night. To see our photos and comments about the event just read past the logo. Enjoy.

Logo - Kittie

Artist: Kittie
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Walls Of Jericho, Dead To Fall, 36 Crazyfists, In This Moment
Date: 2/12/2007
Label: X Of Infamy Records

Kittie has been one of the dominating forces in female Metal groups since their beginnings in 1996 and tonight this Canadian export would return to New York after a long absence. If one could judge by the response from the attending crowd you could be sure that this was a very welcome visit. Joining them would be a massive support slot that featured In This Moment (a new Century Media Records signing), Dead To Fall, 36 Crazyfists and Walls Of Jericho and as expected this performance would be at B.B. King Blues Club. The venue has started off the Metal year right and continues to be one of the mainstays for shows of this kind. Here is a little bit on how the night went down in order of the bands that appeared.

in this moment, in this moment concert photos
In This Moment by Ken Pierce (2007)

I arrived just in time to see In This Moment hit the stage and boy was I glad that I did. The group is a Metalcore band plain and simple, but they are so aggressive and fall well against the likes of All That Remains if you asked me. What was cool about them was the level of musicality that they were demonstrating as the guitars were shredding and the drums pounding like rapid fire machine guns. The singer of ITM is Maria Brink, and she is not a demure sort but instead a Metal force to be reckoned with. The club was already crowded for their set and I watched as they were making new fans with every song. They are a band that I look forward to seeing again soon. The changes were quick tonight with five bands playing, and it shocked me that The 36 Crazyfists would come up next. They had been around for awhile so I felt they deserved a little later slot and especially since they are supporting a new record. “Rest Inside The Flames” is their first recording for the DRT Entertainment label. 36CF is energetic on stage as well, and has some great musical hooks that I enjoyed off the new CD very much. The crowd loves them and they the crowd. Their singer Brock Lindow is all over the place and was whipping the microphone chord so much that I thought he was going to hit someone in the front.

At the end of their set he jumped into the crowd which they loved, but I am sure venue security is never fond of. Dead To Fall was next, and it was my first time hearing them. To be honest, I had to say I was not all that interested in them after the two exciting openers. My view was that they are good at what they do but they just did not catch me for this one. I guess I have to listen to them a little more before I make a real judgment about their overall idea. Up next was Walls Of Jericho, and while this was another first time band for me I was completely blown away by their delivery. Their lead singer is Candace Kucsulain and to say that she is a ball of energy, a dynamo, and a self-contained explosive device would be an understatement on all accounts. She was also allover the stage but fortunately for the audience was wielding a wireless microphone so no chord dangers this time. Her style was also a big mix of the hardcore vibe and she was in the audiences face for much of her set. Singing right into the mess of them and they were eating it up like you would not believe. With no disrespect to Kittie, The Walls Of Jericho would be hard to follow in terms of sheer adrenaline.

kittie, kittie concert photos
Kittie by Ken Pierce (2007)

So now we awaited the arrival of Kittie and the crowd seemed at its biggest number with at least 700 of the faithful in attendance to see their idols. Since the bands inception they would be plagued with lineup changes, and finding the core of Morgan and Mercedes Lander always being the one constant. Tonight New York would meet the bands newest members Tara McLeod and Trish Doan, who handled guitar and bass respectively. The girls were met with a great reception as they hit the stage and of course all the guys in the crowd are still ga-ga over their mix of Metal and Gothic outfits. They come off very easily as those cool chicks that rock harder than some of their male counterparts. I have to admit that I never really followed the band and was only up on a handful of their tracks before this show so I was looking forward to this as something new. The girls would be mixing up their set with material from their earlier releases as well as blending in a bunch of tracks from their forthcoming album “Funeral For Yesterday”. I was surprised at how much they had changed their basic sound for the new stuff and were leaning more to the melodic side. The CD was not available in stores yet so it was interesting to see the response the newer songs were getting during the show.

kittie, kittie concert photos
Kittie by Ken Pierce (2007)
kittie, kittie concert photos
Kittie by Ken Pierce (2007)

They would perform a full seven numbers from this album and with the audience not really knowing the music it can be a risky decision. Morgan does all of the lead singing and gets backup from the other girls and she was wearing a smile the whole show. She also did any of the talking for the night and the other girls just focused on the musical tasks at hand. The melodic twist is a dramatic change that was all snarls and growling for awhile but I think with the changes in Metal on the whole that this was a good idea. The new members in Tara and Trish seemed to be enjoying themselves up there and were eating up the attention given them by the audience. Musically they were solid and seemed to have been morphing a little into this new style as opposed to the crushing sound. Kittie has been at this for a number of years and now only in their mid-twenties have really done a lot of Metal adventuring. I had a good time at this one, but seriously five bands is a lot to pay attention to. Everyone in the club tonight sure got their money’s worth as they saw some newer groups along with some quality established ones.

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Set List:
1. Flower Of Flesh And Blood
2. Look So Pretty
3. Oracle
4. Funeral For Yesterday
5. Breathe
6. Red Flag
7. What I’ve Always
8. Mop
9. Everything That Could Have Been
10. Career Suicide
11. Summer Dies
12. Witch Hunt
13. Last Goodbye
14. Spit Medley
15. Never Again

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