“KISSology” [DVD] by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “KISSology”
Label: VH1 Classics
Release Date: 10/31/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 5/5

Thank the Gods Of Rock & Roll because it is finally here! Yes, the legions of the KISS Army and the rest of the world finally have a boxed set collection of early KISS concerts in their entirety along with dozens of rare television appearances and promotional spots. “KISSology” Volume 1 is the first in a series of such DVD releases and in my opinion this is off to a flying start as it features concerts such as Winterland (1975), Cobo Hall, Detroit (1976), as well as Budokan Japan and Houston, TX (1977). Any KISS fan will admit this is the kind of footage that we have been screaming for the band to release for many years. Until now only some select clips were offered as teasers on releases such as “Exposed” and “KISS My A**”. The concerts for the most part are incredible in terms of quality based on their age and in most cases the sound is very clear as well. It’s much better than any bootleg that you would find from these same shows if you had seen them around and it is surely better than the old video tapes that were made when some of this stuff was first broadcast (if you were one of those people lucky enough to have the means to tape things back then). The two DVD’s run about six hours in length and they give you a 20 page photo loaded booklet along with a “backstage pass” from the Spring Tour which makes this one cool addition to your music video library. While the concerts are a great way to enjoy KISS, you are also able to witness the bands rise from their beginnings as we see them as early as 1974 as guests on the Mike Douglas show. Gene’s interview and Mike’s shocked guests are priceless (especially Ms. Fields who wonders aloud if under Gene’s makeup is a nice Jewish boy). There is also a short but interesting documentary from when the band visited Cadillac Michigan in 1975 and literally took over the town for a couple of days. KISS received the key to the city that day and went down in history as a result. We get The Paul Lynde Halloween special but it only includes one of the three numbers performed on the show. Perhaps they will make the follow up unless the footage was lost. It’s fun stuff to see and if you had been a fan for a long time this will take you back while if you are someone who only has a small idea of them then this will be an education.

I must inform that besides all of the amazing clips and concerts that there is one downside to this and it’s based on the fact that three different DVD’s were used as a bonus disk. So depending on where you get your copy, you will have one of those three as your bonus DVD. Fortunately it is not a mystery disk since it’s listed on the front of the box for you to know beforehand. It is also no mystery why the band KISS has had such a lasting and powerful impact on the music scene. In 1973 four guys from Queens set out to give you something to remember forever. You Wanted the Best and You Got It, KISSology Volume 1 – I can hardly wait for the next one.

DVD1: “Acrobat” (1974), ABC In Concert (1974), Mike Douglas Show (1974), Winterland (1975), The Midnight Special (1975), KISS Alive! Promo Clips (1975), Documentary: Cadillac Michigan (1975), Cobo Hall (1976).

DVD2: So It Goes (1976), Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976), Budokan Hall (1977), Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (1977), The Summit (1977).

Bonus DVD: According to press these three bonus DVD’s that are scattered about the various reseller mediums will only be part of the boxed set for the initial pressings. We have listed the three different ones for your better investigation into them. 1. Madison Square Garden (1977); 2. Concert Capitol Center, Largo MD (1977); 3. Cobo Hall, Detroit MI (1976).

Track Listing:
1. Too numerous to list, see review body

Official Website: www.kissonline.com

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