KISS To Perform For Great White Sharks

And now for something completely different. As I recently reported….KISS Singer Paul Stanley “The Starchild” has been ill with the flu and is recovering but this found the band cancelling their Australian Tour (discussed HERE). Resultant of this, the chance to experience a very different kind of KISS concert has surfaced… on.

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The Details:
Welcome to “Shark Rock City,” where KISS will perform a live set off the southern coast of Australia to entice sharks, who love the low-frequency sounds of rock and roll. This once-in-a-lifetime ocean concert takes place on November 18, 2019, in Port Lincoln, where you’ll board a boat at 6:30 AM and cruise along the coastline looking for birds, dolphins, and other wildlife. For the main event, you’ll head out to the deep waters of the Indian Ocean—one of the biggest feeding grounds for great whites.

As KISS rocks out above water, you’ll also get to see what’s down under it. Watch from a glass bottom boat as the music attracts the legendary band’s biggest (underwater) fans. KISS has played plenty of wild shows in the past, but this one will top them all.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This probably is the weirdest KISS related thing that I’ve heard of yet but hey if you have the money to participate and can do it, so be it. I think that I would enjoy watching great white sharks in their natural habitat but am not too sure that I’d like KISS blasting their way through a set up above while I am down in a submarine. When I am at a KISS Show I wanna see the KISS Show….That’s all I have to say on this one but if you should be one of the attendees, I’d love to see some photos. Don’t forget that KISS recently announced a whole string of dates for us land lubbers only a couple of days ago which was documented in full right HERE in case you missed it. As I close this one up i have to wonder if they’ll be tearing through this little ditty…

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