KISS Rocks Vegas, screening May 25th for ONE night only!

As big fans of all things KISS here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ, I thought it was pretty cool to learn the news that a look inside the KISS Las Vegas Residency will be coming to theaters around the country for one night only. I’m guessing that its straight to DVD and Blu-ray after that. Check out the photo and press copy from the website and then I will return with some thoughts.

Photo - KISS Rocks Vegas - 2016

Press Copy:
In November 2014 a helicopter landed at the infamous Hard Rock Hotel as KISS invaded Las Vegas for an historic nine-show run. Now, for one night only on 25 May, fans will be able to experience this spectacular night for themselves as ‘KISS Rocks Vegas’ hits cinemas across the globe. From this blistering live show, fans can expect sky high flames, ear-bursting volume and a few drops of blood! Includes exclusive footage you will only see in the cinema. Don’t miss this unique screening! Join with fans around the world, sing along to favourites like ‘Rock & Roll All Night’, get up and dance in your cinema! Feel like you are in Vegas!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Hey I really don’t have much to say here other than “count me in!!!!”. One of the first things I did when I started perusing this whole journalistic adventure was a showing of the “KISS Symphony” DVD and while KISS themselves were not present, it was a great evening with like minded fans as we enjoyed something that didn’t happen in our immediate region. I’ll paste that story in RIGHT HERE so I don’t have to go on and on with this. If you were a part of that way back experience please feel free to leave us a topical comment on that link since it will be fun to reflect on it once again. I know a lot of people are unhappy that KISS continues on with new members (or no longer that new in all honestly) who are sporting classic makeup but they still have my support since I enjoy the presentation far too much to give up on it. This year we are seeing the ending of Black Sabbath and the possible retirement of ACDC as well while other favorite artists have left this plane entirely so I don’t want to give up on something I still find a blast. What do you readers think about this one night only showing? Will you attend or will you be alright with the DVD/Blu-ray release when it comes out? You can toss your opinions into the comments. I’m hoping to be there when this opens in NYC wherever it will be doing it and hopefully much like that “Symphony” event from way ago, will have the film available for purchase. As the film draws closer I will likely announce again and with ticket purchasing information. Stay tuned.

Official Website:
Official Website:

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