KISS Announce “The Final Concert” @ Madison Square Garden on PPV

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The countdown to the final live shows by “The Hottest Band in The World” KISS is on and it will be here before you know it. With this being the case, the band has announced a special Pay-Per-View option for those who can’t make it. The very brief details are down below the super cool poster.

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The Scoop:
Experience our final concert EVER, LIVE on Pay-Per-View, streaming exclusively on #EndofTheRoadPPV | Dec. 2, LIVE from Madison Square Garden – New York City! Order worldwide on PPV.COM – – also available through your cable/satellite provider in U.S. & Canada

#KISS50 – #EndofTheRoadTour

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is very cool for sure since a lot of people around the world were not able to secure tickets and let’s be honest, PPV concerts of bands like KISS enabled fans to see a lot of their favorites during the pandemic. So I will admit that as much as KISS is a core part of my music appreciating soul, I will NOT be ordering this and no, I am not yet sure that I will be at The Final Concert. I want to be and I am trying all the avenues about it but I digress. The reason I won’t be ordering it is because this will most assuredly be released on a home video DVD or Blu-ray that I will 100% purchase. What do you readers think about this one? Will you be ordering it and watching along? Will you help send Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric off into that great musical night from the comforts of your couch? Chime in down below and I will see you next time.


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