King’s X @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/11/2006)

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Artist: King’s X
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: ZO2, Mardo
Date: 4/11/2006
Label: InsideOut Music

King’s X are Rock & Roll Veterans who always had an inherent Progressive feel to their music. The band’s recent signing led them to release “Ogre Tones”, perhaps one of the best releases to come from them in a number of years. Tonight at the venue I feel like I live at (B.B. King Blues Club for those that don’t pay attention) it would be the chance to enjoy the new songs as well as a number of the bands classics. Starting off the night would be the always rocking Z02 who sadly I would miss based on my being given time misinformation. I am sure they went over well based on the similar melodic nature. Also appearing was Mardo who I caught a few minutes of and found very interesting as well. It’s not often that all the bands are in synch with one another but tonight’s show would find this to be the case.

King’s X did start a little late for a Monday evening show, and despite that one gripe I had no real issues with the performance. Doug Pinnick, Ty Tabor and Jerry Gaskill are clearly playing to their long time fans by this point as those who I knew in attendance have been behind the band for many years. The new material from their first album on the InsideOut Music label would go over very well, and while I have not followed the band in a few years I found myself really getting into their new stuff quickly. The album is catchy and very melodic as one would expect to find in a King’s X release. The band themselves seemed on point except when Doug pointed out that the air-conditioning over him was bothering him, he stressed that it needed to be shut off so he could continue. The venue of course complied and when he was clear of its throat threatening breeze he made sure to extend the set. All in all the set that was performed ran just under the two hour mark; then to the joy of the attendees they had positioned themselves at the entrance of the venue so they could take photos and sign memorabilia. It’s always great when the group is able to afford the fans that kind of luxury, since so many choose not to do this. I guess it’s not always easy but King’s X managed to make it work out. I had a great time at this show and will definitely recommend people give King’s X at least one visit in their lifetime, especially in this crazy world of music we live in. It’s nice to just chill out and Rock sometimes.

Set List:
1. Stay
2. Mudd
3. Fly
4. Dogman
5. Finished
6. Screamer
7. If
8. Hurricane
9. Sooner
10. Box
11. Over My Head
12. Summerland
13. Bebop
14. Freedom
15. Alone
16. Visions
17. Black flag
18. It’s love
19. Born To Be Loved

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