Kamelot Team-up with Knife Fight Media To Re-release Classic Albums

Hey there readers, we’ve recently received some super cool news about the mighty Kamelot, and this is a band that is high on our approval charts which you probably know if you’ve perused this website for any amount of time. Take a look at the official press and I will return at the close.

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The Press Release:
Knife Fight Media in association with Kamelot Music is excited to announce another fantastic title has returned to the Kamelot Music catalogue. The band¹s Amazing concept album ³Silverthorn² will be re- released worldwide on all digital platforms on SEPTEMBER 15th 2017.

“Silverthorn” was the band¹s 10th studio album, It is the first album to feature Tommy Karevik as the lead singer (first album since Roy Khan¹s departure) and their third concept album after Epica (2003) and The Black Halo (2005). The concept and story are original, and features a 19th-century little girl named Jolee, who dies in a tragic accident witnessed by her twin brothers. The story deals with how the girl’s affluent family handles the tragic event, leading to cover-ups, secrets, and betrayal. The cover by Stefan Heilemann shows Jolee, the main character and angel of afterlife, as an adult.

This current special edition release will feature all songs combined on the original album release as well as the bonus tracks from the limited edition.

ITunes Global Link —> http://apple.co/2jvsjJH
Amazon.com Global Link —> http://bit.ly/2yd97Ub

Track Listing:
Manus Dei
Sacrimony (Angle of Afterlife)
Ashes to Ashes
Song for Jolee
VERITAS (Feat. Elize Ryd)
My Confession
Falling Like the Fahrenheit (Feat. Elize Ryd)
Prodigal Son
Leaving Too Soon (Japanese Bonus Track)
Manus Dei (Instrumental Version)
Sacrimony (Angle of Afterlife) [Instrumental Version]
Kismet (Instrumental Version)
Ashes to Ashes (Instrumental Version)
Torn (Instrumental Version)
Song for Jolee (Instrumental Version)
VERITAS (Instrumental Version)
My Confession (Instrumental Version)
Silverthorn (Instrumental Version)
Falling Like the Fahrenheit (Instrumental Version)
Solitaire (Instrumental Version)
Prodigal Son (Instrumental Version)
Continuum (Instrumental Version)
Grace (with Apollo Papathanasio & Niclas Engelin)

KAMELOT: Tommy Karevik – Vocals, Thomas Youngblood ­ Guitar, Sean Tibbetts ­ Bass Guitar,
Casey Grillo – Drums, Oliver Palotai – Keyboards

Knife Fight Media and KMG re-release classic Kamelot albums; “The Black Halo”, “Ghost Opera” and “Poetry For The Poisoned”. Now available directly from Kamelot! Kamelot gain control over past recordings; The Black Halo, Ghost Opera, and Poetry for the Poisoned! Get them now below!!

Poetry for the Poisoned
iTunes Global Link –> http://apple.co/1qUSSqi
Amazon Global Link –> http://bit.ly/243Q9gf

Ghost Opera
iTunes Global Link –> http://apple.co/1TetMJY
Amazon Global Link —> http://bit.ly/24kyiOH

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m pretty excited for this news because speaking frankly, Kamelot is always one of the first bands that I mention when people ask me to recommend something that they might like. I’ve been following the bands activity since around 2005 and they have never failed to impress me with their sound and their presentation. I’ve been fortunate to have met them on numerous occasions and count them as family in the PiercingMetal scheme of things. My hope is that the older works such as “Epica” and the way before stuff somehow come to light as under the bands control as well. Though I am someone who loves thinking forward in terms of his Metal appreciation, I wouldn’t mind re-mastered and expanded editions of the full Kamelot back catalog. IMHO the best is yet to come for this band and its high time that more of you pay attention. We don’t mind you being late to the party at all, you’ll just have to make up for it a little harder with your allegiance. What do you think of this news? Are you as excited as I am about it? If you are and you wish to help also sell their awesomeness to the readership please chime in down below in the comments. You know you wanna. Until next time.

Official Website: http://www.kamelot.com

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