Kamelot Returns to The Big Apple For One Night Only!

Now this is some news that a whole lot of Metal fans should be getting behind. The mighty Kamelot is heading back to the USA and its for a one night only stint at the Terminal 5 venue. Check out the press release below for the details.

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The Press Release:
After an epic sold out show earlier this year at the historic Irving Plaza, the demand for another New York City event was immediate. KAMELOT chose the venue Terminal 5 for the next appearance, along with bringing in some heavy hitters in the Symphonic and Metal scene. Special guests Sonata Arctica and openers Battle Beast have been added to the lineup to make the night one not to be missed. Watch an exclusive trailer for the tour below:

“We are very excited to return to New York City and bring our larger stage show to the fans there. We have had a very close relationship with our NYC family and it’s only going to get bigger with this very special event.” states KAMELOT founder and guitarist Thomas Youngblood.
Purchase tickets to the show HERE!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: By my thinking, I’ve been listening to and supporting the live concert experiences from Kamelot since their “The Black Halo” album of 2005. Sure the band has been around for a few years longer than that mark in time but back then it was my own first go and I was an immediate fan. I’ve met their members on numerous occasions and always love being able to help rally the legions of Metal who read this website with alerts such as this one. I am also excited that this visit will bring us the great Finnish sensation of Metal in Sonata Arctica. Another of my favorite bands for many years and when you add the up and coming sensation that is Battle Beast – well my fiends, now you have a show. I’m marking this event down right away on my Events Calendar and you should do the same

Official Websites:
Kamelot: http://www.kamelot.com
Sonata Arctica: http://www.sonataarctica.info
Battle Beast: http://www.battlebeast.com

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