Join The Ranks! Witness The “Star Wars Main Theme” Video by Galactic Empire

It was only a few short months ago when I first learned about the Galactic Empire and no my friends I am not speaking at all about the insidious Imperial order that holds most of the once free galaxy in its clutches – I am instead speaking about the band that dresses up like the films classic characters and performers Hard Rock and slightly Metalized covers of the songs. Well, at least the opening theme that the incredible John Williams had scored. A few other competing websites have talked about this already which surprises me since they are the kind that might call this stupid but with our continual coverage of the NY Comic Con and other assorted conventions and comic books this was pretty much in our wheelhouse. Check out the video below and then I will return with some closing thoughts.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Okay so I am pretty much a weird sort of guy when it comes to nerding out and I’ve seen all sorts of clever cosplay and gimmick bands but never in my life did I expect to find Lord Darth Vader rocking out on the guitar while Boba Fett was bashing the drums. There are even some comedic bits that make it all the more enjoyable and the whole thing looks like it’s taking place on the Death Star. I liked this kind of and I say it like that because it’s taking me a little longer to digest this than I expected it to. I know that I would love to see this done in the live sense and since they are an Earth bound infiltration of the Empire perhaps it’s a lot easier to do than some of the other weird bands that hail from other countries. I am willing to give this a shot for sure and hope that they are involved in this year’s comic convention or maybe even something Science Fiction related. If George Lucas only knew what his creations would bring to life. That’s all I have for this one so “May The Force Be With You” (oh come on like you didn’t see that one coming).

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