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Perhaps you readers remember about a month ago when I shared some photos of the windows at the John Varvatos SOHO location based on their featuring several images from a shoot done in Brooklyn for their Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign that featured Rock music icons and perhaps my very favorite group of all – KISS. If not, I will refresh your visual memory at the close of this narrative. That said, the other day I learned of and adventured uptown to 765 Madison Avenue in NYC where Mr. Varvatos had recently opened up a new store and featured our favorite masked men in mannequin form in the main window. Clearly our boys were “Dressed To Kill” (insert snare drum here).


The four mannequins feature great KISS masks and I felt this was cooler than just using cardboard cutouts from the photo shoot that was previously discussed. I’ve never seen these particular masks before so I had to wonder if they were specially made for Varvatos’ needs for the shop. Perhaps this was the case. Here is a shot of all four mannequins for your viewing pleasure.





I loved the look of the suits and the iconic KISS identities based on the original “Dressed To Kill” theme but did feel it would have been a little more striking had they decided to add their monster boots to the mix. At least Gene’s since they are just world’s of awesome.


Once in the store I was greeted by some very friendly staffers who included Kayleigh and David along with another gentleman and when I asked what other KISS items might be present in the store I was directed to this truly boss shirt. It’s a limited edition piece and will run you about $118 if you should want one.

“Dressed To Kill” Limited Edition T

Getting this “behind the masks” visual does lead me to believe that these particular faces were done for the designers needs and are not something that we find available to the general public. Don’t cry though my friends because there are more than enough KISS masks to own along with makeup kits and you can find all that stuff on or eBay.

“Unmasked” 🙂 Well, not really…

With Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley being the sole original members of the band in today’s music geography, I wanted to just get a shot of these two mannequins solo. Mind you I greatly enjoy the contributions being made to the band by Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer while at the same time never forgetting the foundations from Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.


One more shot before we go. From here I was headed back downtown because I had a Metal show to cover. The great Geoff Tate of Queensryche would be bringing their music to life with his new lineup and I was really interested to see how it was going to turn out.

“Thank You Madison Avenue – Good Night!”

In case you haven’t seen the display that was set up in the John Varvatos SOHO shop yet, you can take a look at the images I posted HERE.

Remember that KISS will be officially inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 10th.

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