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Introducing The BBC’s “Doctor Who” 13th Doctor!!!

While it was surely big news about the long anticipated “Game Of Thrones” return in terms of Sunday’s television talking topics, there was some other important stuff going on as well as far as geekdom is concerned. You see, Sunday was also the day that the BBC Television Network introduced the 13th Doctor for their long-running cult series “Doctor Who”. You can see the introduction clip below which I have embedded from the BBC Channel and if the news is still not on your radar – there have been some changes to the dynamic.

Mind-blowing right? The first ever female Doctor since the series began. You can almost feel the ripples across the galaxy with this happening. Though I’ve not really followed “Doctor Who” as a “thing” in my own geek interests, I have scores of friends who have watched it for many years. It’s popularity amazes me (but in a good way of course) and I’ve noticed it to be something that you are either into or are not into. The fans that have been watching it over the years are rabid about it and by the way the series has been on TV since 1963. Here is a rundown of the Doctors across history and who played them along with for how long the role was performed.

First Doctor: William Hartnell (1963–1966)
Second Doctor: Patrick Troughton (1966–1969)
Third Doctor: Jon Pertwee (1970–1974)
Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker (1974–1981)
Fifth Doctor: Peter Davison (1982–1984)
Sixth Doctor: Colin Baker (1984–1986)
Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy (1987–1989)
Eighth Doctor: Paul McGann (1996)
Ninth Doctor: Christopher Eccleston (2005)
Tenth Doctor: David Tennant (2005–2010)
Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith (2010–2013)
Twelfth Doctor: Peter Capaldi (2014–2017)
Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker (2017-)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I’ve noted, this show is not something I am following but it is pretty interesting to find them casting a female lead in the role of The Doctor after so many years. Considering how we find so many big screen heroes getting a race or gender switch nowadays it makes perfect sense to me. My background on the assorted Doctors is minimal but during my youth I remembered Tom Baker being the one that everyone adored and if I am reading the chart above correctly he was the one with the longest tenure. Most recently it was David Tennant who was getting a lot of attention from the Marvel Netflix fans as he was handling the role of the villainous Kilgrave during the “Jessica Jones” series. I need to speak to one of the diehards in my circle and see if they have any recommended starting points to watch some episodes and where I can do so since it would be interesting to start from as early as possible. I’m more interested in seeing early stuff before the more modern day age. Since I always see the toys displayed at the yearly Toy Fair I felt it was high time to do some posting and help with the awareness for its continued reaching of Science Fiction fans. So what do you readers who are fans of the program think about the brand new female Doctor? Are you excited or are you outraged? Let me know down in the comments below, and if you have a few minutes, I’ve embedded the transformation video of many of the Doctors across history. Until next time.

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One thought on “Introducing The BBC’s “Doctor Who” 13th Doctor!!!”

  1. The early stuff can be tough to digest for the first time in 2017 due to small tv budget and storylines, but the 2nd Doctor is where to start – The Mind Robber or The Web of Fear maybe. Third Doctor try Inferno or Spearhead from Space. Fourth Doctor The Hand of Fear or Horror of Fang Rock or City of Death or Genesis of the Daleks. My fave old Doctor is the Fifth, try The Cabes of Androzani (brilliant) or Black Orchid or Resurrection of the Daleks. Now the David Tennet stuff is the highlight for me, Girl in the Fireplace.

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