“Into The Night” (Single) by HIM

Artist: HIM
Title: “Into The Night” (Single)
Label: Razor and Tie
Release Date: 3/8/2013
Genre: Gothic Rock

We’re about a month away from the release of the eighth studio album by Finland’s HIM which is being released on Razor and Tie who they’ve returned to after a brief stint on The End Records. This is an exciting time for the bands fanbase since this is the first new music that we’ve gotten from them since the 2010 release “Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice”. Sure, they delivered a comprehensive collection with “XX: Two Decades Of Love Metal” but there was only one new song on that and now it is again time to look forward into the band’s future. The debut single from the forthcoming is called “Into The Night”, let’s discuss.

It begins with a sweet riff by Linde before the rest of the band comes in with a very familiar groove and then Ville’s impassioned register. There is a lot of atmosphere with the guitars and keyboards during the verse and chorus which I really liked. Having been a fan since about 2003, I am thinking that I am not too easily impressed since I’ve heard literally everything that has come before. Based on the lyrical flow, it feels like another tragic romance song about lovers who are on a darker path than many others might be in their relationship. Don’t quote me, this is just my thoughts on it. I liked it though and feel that this song fits in more with their older material than more recent. Diehards should find it to their liking.

The track ends with a solitary Ville adding another line to the mix and then stopping a tape recorder. I’d recognize that clicking sound anywhere as it brings me recollection of my old portable recorder. Back in the day we all seemed to have one of those. Simpler times for sure. “Tears On Tape” sounds promising and if additional singles manifest before its full release I will put my thoughts together for your edification.

Track Listing:
1. Into The Night

Official Website: http://www.heartagram.com

“XX – Two Decades Of Love Metal” by HIM

“Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice” by HIM

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