Insomnium & Omnium Gatherum Announce Exclusive Live Stream Concert

Like many of the tours that were supposed to be coming around, the one for Insomnium was cancelled due to the at the time building Coronavirus Pandemic. Sadly, the band had just arrived and did one gig before going right back to Finland. We discussed that HERE and so many others followed based on the virus. This news below shows how some bands are dealing with the loss of their touring income. Read on.

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The Press Release:
Finland’s Melodic Death Metal band, INSOMNIUM will play an exclusive worldwide live stream show on Friday May 29th starting at 1PM EDT. The stream broadcast will start half an hour before showtime and will be availalbe for 7 days after the show. The band will perform their illustrious magnum opus, Winter’s Gate (2016), which was lauded as one of the best albums of the past decade by the revered Inferno Magazine. Insomnium will also play a selection of songs from other past albums. Topping it off, after the show there will be a live chat with fans.

Insomnium has teamed up with the expert production team, who have worked with bands like Swallow the Sun, Lordi, Kotipelto & Liimatainen, Hevisaurus and many other mainstream Finnish artists.

Tickets are 8.90 Euros and $9.65. Purchase tickets for the live stream today, here:

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is a great idea and wow, this one is actually happening on my birthday. No, not the PiercingMetal Birthday, that was back in April, but my own real birthday. I might have to fetch myself a bottle of something that I like to drink and tune in to some Finnish Metal. $10 isn’t bad at all and the QA afterward could be interesting as well. Remember that Swallow The Sun also announced a pay to view live streaming and since theirs is in a couple of days I am going to suggest that the interested click HERE to learn more about that one as well. So closing up I wonder what you all think about this news. Will you be tuning in or will you just be counting the days to come for the next chance that you get to see live music on an actual stage. Chime in down below and I will see you next time. Stay safe out there.

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