Insert Sad Emoticon Here; There Will Be No Special Edition: NYC for 2016

The timing of this article is a little late but I had the 2016 International Toy Fair for a few days and it really locked out my time to get some stuff out to you but yeah you are reading this correctly, there will be NO Special Edition: NYC for this 2016 year and that’s a shame because it was a lot of fun. It was also under the command of ReedPOP who are the folks that give us the NY Comic Con every year and have been doing so for ten years straight now. It was reported that the 2015 convention attendance numbers had beaten those that were found at the West Coast event Comic-Con International: San Diego and that my friend is pretty bad ass. Recently GSVP of ReedPOP Lance Fensterman was interviewed by Comic Book dotcom and I’ve quoted some of that for you below.

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Here is an excerpt from the interview by;

“The problem is, there’s not necessarily a place to expand the convention further. The Javits Center in New York got a boost from the addition of a new subway station across the street from it, but it needs more square footage in order to expand. That’s become a central issue for Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPOP. The goal is to expand into more of New York City, with the square footage to spare. I really want to get New York Comic-Con all over the city. We’ve been chipping away at that, with some success,” Fensterman told in an interview. ” Being in Hammerstein Ballroom and programming content there, great. Getting some of the NYC Super Week events out there,” he said. That’s the goal going forward then. ” We really want to take a big step forward in kind of growing outside of the Javits Center, because that’s the only place we can grow. But really taking that event much more city-wide is a big goal.”

To that end, ReedPOP will be re-focusing their efforts on the core NYCC experience this year, and won’t be putting on their secondary show, Special Edition: NYC, held early summer for the last couple of years, a spokesman told That show had a much stronger focus on comic books, but the added two days of content to produce had to go toward trying to make NYCC a city-wide event. “It’s more stuff for more people,” he explained of the NYCC expansion. “There’s such a demand for tickets that we can’t satisfy. We want more people to be able to enjoy the show. For those people that are at the show, we want more content. More stuff for them to do. More of what they crave and love. Our canvas is pretty packed right now if our canvas is just the Javits Center. You know?”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Well, what am I going to say about it all since what’s done is done. I love covering the NY Comic Con and have attended for the past six years and since the same organizers were behind Special Edition: NYC, I made sure to give them the proper media love right here on the website with narratives that you can examine HERE. I always had fun and met a lot of talented people whether they were artists, writers, cosplayers or fellow media peeps and I hope to see a lot of those people again in the future at other convention events. The loss of this convention will allow the organizers to keep the focus and creative energies on NY Comic Con and believe me, after attending last year I can tell you it was even bigger. Since they want to do more events in other parts of the city, this is a smart move of theirs, even though it might depress some of us. Personally speaking, I think it’s gone for good because if bypassing it this year allowed for greater planning for the NY Comic Con, how is next year and the next year going to be any different as they aim to scale up the event more and more. What do you readers think about the loss of the Special Edition: NYC for this year and potentially for good? Let me know in the comments below.

Closing up please note that the 2016 New York Comic Con will take place October 6-9 this year. The Super Week events will precede this by a few days and begin on October 3 and continue running through the whole convention weekend. This convention sells out incredibly quick and if I can re-stress that point I mean INCREDIBLY quick. Don’t delay and find yourself at a computer with a reliable connection once they go on sale.

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