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Image Comics @ Book Expo/The Book Con 2019

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The folks following the Events Calendar or keeping tabs with our adventures on Facebook and Twitter where I announce what I am up to already know that I began my exploration of the annual Book Expo which takes place at the Javits Center for three days. Book Expo leads into the Book Con and this first half is for industry and press only while the second half is for the public. One of my regular stops during Book Expo is the comic book section where I find our friends from Image Comics and some of the others and its here I can snag a few piles of few comic books to share with our readers. This year they had a smaller section and what you see in these photos below is the assembly line of issues that were being placed into a nice gift bag for anyone interested.

image comics, book expo 2019

image comics, book expo 2019

image comics, book expo 2019

image comics, book expo 2019

With unboxing videos being all the rage, I decided to do an unbagging one for the contents of the Image Comics gift bag. Since I was doing all of this single handed, I do confess to having been a little bit more prepared before I began shooting the quick clip. I hope you like it just the same and do please click “subscribe” on our channel so I will be encouraged to do more things like this. Topical comments on the video are most welcome as well.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you can see by the clip that was a pretty sweet package that would probably run you upwards of $50 had you selected all of those items from your local comic book retailer. Most of the titles included were by Mark Millar and if we went too fast in the clip the run of issues in the sweet bag are as follows: “Ascender”, “Isola”, Jupiter’s Circle”, “Jupiter’s Legacy”, “Prodigy”, “Moonstruck”, “Sharkey” and “Deadly Class”. The latter one is a live-action series on SyFy that I must see. A lot of the other parts of the Book Expo will be posted over on “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” website since they fit the angle over there a little bit more than here. That said I do feel a second chapter from the convention can go here but it all depends on the photos from the places I am thinking about to do that. You readers will just have to wait and see what comes in the next few days. See you then.

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