IDW & Schick Presents: “Hydrobot Meets The Transformers” Free Comic

So about a week ago I had seen some buzz across the comic book webs about an upcoming free comic from the folks at IDW Publishing and Schick Razorblades if you can believe it. Since I haven’t seen said issue in my local shop yet, I felt that it was still safe to share this information with you since my shop is famous for getting any of the freebie treats that the companies are dishing out. Take a look at the cover and the premise below. I’ll close up with some thoughts afterwards.

“Hydrobot Meets The Transformers” #1

The Press Copy: Schick’s Hydrobot makes his debut in a one-of-a-kind comic book, featuring a new Transformers storyline, which unveils Hydrobot’s origin alongside fan-favorite characters Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Hound, and Megatron!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I realize that this makes me sound cheap by the way its being typed, I just love the free comics when we see them at the local retailers or as online digital provisions. I love them because they allow the casual fan of the medium and the curious to give it a shot. Sometimes a little bit of crossover weirdness like this is just the trick and while I didn’t see any interior pages at the time of this writing, I have to think that its going to be a fun ride. Perhaps Optimus Prime will do a demonstration on getting a smooth clean shave for all the male readers of age. For the readers of the more serious comic book series on the shelves, please don’t scoff at this as its not entirely a new process. Years ago I remember getting a free copy of “Superman Meets The Quik Bunny” and there was even a Marvel limited series called “Questprobe” that allied various heroes with a creation from a new video game. I’m not sure how much any of these will be worth in terms of ones collection many years from now but I do think that the diehard Transformers fans might want one for their long box and I encourage those people to ask their retailer for one. Perhaps you have a friend who admires all things Transformers and if you see a copy in your travels, it would be nice of you to snag one to give them as a gift. Being nice never really did hurt anyone. Okay back to the rest of the rest. Until we meet again. Ciao.

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