“Icon” (2CD) by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “Icon” (2CD Edition)
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 8/31/2010
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

Before I begin this review I would like to get a couple of things off my chest which I present to you readers in my open letter to those fine folks at Universal Music.

“Dear Universal Marketing Powers That Be; On behalf of all KISS fans that have the “Simmons Implant” in their brains in terms of it creating a MUST BUY impulse to purchase anything with the bands branding on it, I am asking you to please, please, please stop issuing “Greatest Hits” packages”. Thanks very much, an ardent fan. PS: Feel free to re-release the remastered catalog provided you add bonus tracks to each of them”

Now with that out of my system I can continue along with my summation of the two CD version of KISS’s “Icon” edition. To be brutally honest there is nothing on this release that you don’t already own in some fashion across the myriad number of hits compilation for the masked warriors of Hard Rock and with that being said you need to debate its other inclusions before making a purchase. The down side about the “Icon” releases is that there are no additional goodies to them which means no liner notes, photos etc. That might be okay for bands like Asia, Rush or The Who but when you exclude the images that made the band Iconic in the first place its kind of a bummer. These are releases that are economically priced to sell and do make perfect house visit gifts or last minute surprises but if you are a KISS fan that owns the catalog already you can safely pass on this one but perhaps it’s a great present for someone who needs an education in their work based on its song makeup. From beginning to end this does deliver a solid span across the bands repertoire that begins with the debut “KISS” and leaves us at “Psycho Circus”. Nothing from “Carnival Of Souls” or “Sonic Boom” are presented.

There you have it.

Track Listing:
1. Strutter
2. Deuce
3. Hotter Than Hell
4. C’Mon And Love Me
5. Rock and Roll All Nite (live)
6. Detroit Rock City
7. Beth
8. Hard Luck Woman
9. Calling Dr. Love
10. Love Gun
11. Christine Sixteen
12. Shout It Out Loud (live)
13. I Was Made For Loving You
14. Shandi
15. A World Without Heroes
16. I Love It Loud
17. Lick It Up
18. Heaven’s On Fire
19. Tears Are Falling
20. Crazy, Crazy Nights
21. Hide Your Heart
22. God Gave Rock ‘N Roll To You II
23. Domino (live)
24. Psycho Circus

Official Website: www.kissonline.com

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