Huzzah!!!! It’s PiercingComics!!!!

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I know, I know……what is he going on about now you might be saying, and just what the heck is the story behind the logo below these words.  Well, the answer is on the simple side my friends and I was just being a little bit grandiose with the announcement when it all came down to it.  Last year I attended the NY Comic Con as a member of the accredited press and it was a blast to do it and share the findings and photos with the readers of the PiercingMetal Blog.  I had also reviewed one of the Metal related comics that came out from Terminal Press a few months earlier and this all got me to brainstorming a little more – What about a focus on Comics from time to time?  Yes!!! I exclaimed and a quick call was placed to our own Joe Kaufman who fashioned this little bit of coolness for me as I introduce my readers to PIERCINGCOMICS (insert thunderclap here)…..

So what exactly is “PiercingComics”, well, its actually just a different name for the “Comic Booking It” category on the blog that I created just the other day and added to our mix.  This category will line out its focus on the music related comics that we find in our possession and of course the coverage of events like the Comic Con when we happen to go.  Perhaps I will expand upon the idea and offer up some of the more conventional comics releases or the big hoopla events or trade paperbacks.  I refer to the Marvel Comics or DC Comics stuff since they always are dishing out some coolness.  I am still unsure about the actual planning but whatever the case may be I have a feeling that you will find it interesting.  Well, I hope so at least.

I went back through the blog and added in a couple of tags like “comic books” and moved some older items to the “Comic Booking It” category so they are easier to locate.  I felt that this stuff would be best served up in the site blog as opposed to launching yet another website.  There are already a ton of comics sites that have been around for awhile, but with my doing it this way, I get to speak about the medium as a lifelong fan who now walks among a lot of creative people and things as an entertainment scribe.

Comments on this idea are always welcome provided they stick to  topic.  That’s a given at this point 🙂

UPDATE (8/1/2015): Since the time of this posting the site has been completely turned into a WordPress presentation and all side blog features are now part of the main site. The Comic Book related content now all falls under the Category of “Comics”

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