“Hellblazer”/”Preacher” Artist Steve Dillon Has Died (1962-2016)

Steve Dillon - 2016 (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC)
Steve Dillon – 2016 (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC)

We were saddened to learn of the passing of artist Steve Dillon earlier in the day on Saturday. His brother announced it via social media and no cause of death was disclosed even though some others have mentioned that he was ill recently – he was 54 years of age and the cause was complications of a ruptured appendix. We loved Steve’s work on the original “Hellblazer” series and of course the iconic “Preacher” title – both of which he worked on with Garth Ennis for the DC Comics Vertigo imprint. They also worked on a “Punisher” series for Marvel Comics which I didn’t read myself but heard was a pretty violent title. I guess I need to look into that one now. Dillon was recently at the NY Comic Con mega-happening that took place at the Javits Center but we didn’t manage to see him.

We wish his family, friends and colleagues in the medium all the condolences in the world. Thanks Steve for some inspiring and amazing art, may you Rest In Peace.

Official Artist Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Dillon

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