“Hell On Earth” Vol. 4 by Manowar

Artist: Manowar
Title: “Hell On Earth: Volume IV”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 9/13/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Manowar continue along with their collection of DVD’s with the “Hell On Earth” series. This is the fourth volume in the series and comes to us courtesy of the people at SPV Records. This edition is probably the most comprehensive of the entire batch and it comes in perhaps the most well-designed package that I have ever seen. Loaded with photos and artwork on its numerous fold-out compartments this truly makes for an impressive addition to your DVD Collection. There is also a great little booklet in the box that features not only excellent band pictures but also has a discography and videography of the Magic Circle Music family products. MCM is a company run by bassist DeMaio. One of the features on the first DVD which is the main part of the program, is the opportunity to decide how you will watch it. As there is live footage along with crowd interaction and band stuff I was glad to be able to simply watch all of the live clips in one sitting. It’s great to include some of that stuff, but many viewers might want to get to the meat of the piece and that is very simply Manowar in concert. Too often bands release products like this and you have no choice on how to watch it. The lineup for the DVD stands at Eric Adams, Joey DeMaio, Scott Columbus and Karl Logan. The band is still amazing in performance and a legend in Heavy Metal music. The DVD does not feature too much of the bands classic material, but that makes sense since there are three other additions to enjoy.

On the second DVD you get a great amount of bonus features. There is everything from information on the band; and the fans to stuff such as a Heavy Metal Marriage. There is even additional live stuff and stuff that was cut from the main program. The group also includes for you an audio CD that includes the unreleased “King Of Kings”. This track is from the forthcoming Manowar CD and is a nice bonus to include. Certainly the fan of this band and the particular series collection will be getting their money’s worth. I don’t think we shall see the end of this line any time soon and since each one seems to capture a sense of time in the bands life, this is a good way to keep a video archive of them for posterity. Check it out and yell “DEATH TO FALSE METAL!!!!!!”

Track Listing DVD1:
1. Condom Head
2. Kings Of Metal
3. The Album
4. Assaulting The Airwaves
5. Brothers In Metal
6. Crazy Fans
7. Freedom Fighters
8. In Store
9. Assorted European Festivals
10. Warriors Of The World United
11. An American Trilogy
12. Warriors Of The World Tour
13. Tour Moments
14. Call To Arms
15. Female Fans
16. I Believe
17. The Pink One
18. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
19. Show Your Colors
20. Swords In The Wind
21. Master Of The Wind
22. Courage
23. Screams
24. House Of Death
25. Outlaw
26. Party Until We Die
27. Son Of Death guitar solo – bonus
28. Warriors Of The World United – live – bonus
29. The Demons Revenge bass solo – bonus
30. Army Of Immortals – bonus
31. Warriors Of The World United (alt music video) – bonus
32. I Believe (music video) – bonus

Official Web site: www.Manowar.com

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