Hear Ye! Hear Ye; “Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival” Unveils It’s 2015 Roadshow Stops

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Hey there readers, it’s time for me to use my “Upcoming Tours” category for something a little bit different this time as it was just a little while ago that I received a press notice about the sequel for “The Devil’s Carnival” which was a short film that I attended a couple of years ago. The sequel is out and entitled “Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival” and below you will find the colorful poster and the press release for the new films showcasing tour. I know I could have placed this in my “On Screen” area but since I currently only want one category per story this one made the most sense to me  I’ll return with some thoughts afterward, get thee reading.

Tour - Devils Carnival - Allejulah 2015

The Press Release:
Hell ain’t got a prayer that could stop this tour: Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, the sequel to cult-sensation film The Devil’s Carnival, will be featured nightly on its special musical road show tour, stopping in 40 North American cities this summer and fall!

But before we discuss the tour, a bit about the film: Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival features a thrilling cast full of top horror and classic mainstream film stars, in addition to some of today’s top musical talent in acting roles! Fantasized by the team of celebrated film director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, and IV) and writer-actor Terrance Zdunich – who also collaborated on musical cult films Repo! The Genetic Opera (which The Hollywood Reporter embraces as “this generation’s Rocky Horror Picture Show”) and the original The Devil’s Carnival – Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival stars Zdunich, in addition to actors Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knightrider, Dodgeball), Adam Pascal (RENT), Dayton Callie (Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood), Briana Evigan (Step Up Film Franchise), Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and many more. Additionally, chart topping musicians Emilie Autumn, Tech N9ne, Danny Worsnop (We Are Harlot, Ex-Asking Alexandria), Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies), Ogre (Skinny Puppy), and Jimmy Urine (Mindless Self Indulgence) and more grace the screen in this macabre masterpiece.

In Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival, Lucifer (Zdunich) incites Heaven’s wrath by dispatching train cars full of condemned souls a-crashin’ through the pearly gates. God (Sorvino), in response, readies his top negotiator, The Agent (Pascal), for a trip down to The Carnival to put an end to the rebellious deeds. Videos can be enjoyed on the Official Website HERE.

Now about that tour… Each evening of the Alleluia! Tour will begin with a live, local and little opening act (although these pre-show routines may include dwarves, the word little refers to their running times—think of movie previews with a pulse), followed by an introduction to the evening and film by director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer-actor Terrance Zdunich. A screening of Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival will follow, which will be concluded by a live audience Q&A session with the above filmmakers, where they will discuss their films and reveal sneak peeks of upcoming projects.

Exclusive Alleluia! merchandise, as well as intimate meet ’n’ greet opportunities with Bousman and Zdunich, are available for purchase at every stop, but tickets and VIP experiences are limited, so pre-orders are recommended. Note: personalized autographs and photo opportunities with the above filmmakers will only be available with VIP ticket packages. Now is your chance to witness the unruliness of Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival in your own town – visit this theatrical, musical road show as it traverses North America! Proceed with caution – this film and the coinciding daily activities at each tour stop may contain adult language, subject matter, and perhaps some tasteful violence…

The tour began with a bang in Hollywood, CA at the Egyptian Theatre on August 11th, featuring the official premiere screening and a star-studded red carpet. The first tour date lands in Tucson, AZ on August 26th and runs through mid-August, making its way back to Los Angeles on October 18th. Fans across the pond – don’t fret just yet! Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival also has an evil eye aimed at Europe for next year…

8/26 – Tucson, AZ @ The Loft Cinema
8/27 – Albuquerque, NM @ National Hispanic Cultural Center
8/29 – Dallas, TX @ Gilley’s South Side Music Hall
8/30 – New Orleans, LA @ The Prytania
9/1 – Jacksonville, FL @ Sun-Ray Cinema
9/2 – Atlanta, GA @ Lefront Theater
9/3 – Nashville, TN @ Mercy Lounge
9/4 – Winston-Salem, NC @ Hanesbrands Theatre
9/5 – Philadelphia, PA @ Ritz East
9/6 – Baltimore, MD @ Harbour East
9/7 – New York, NY @ The Beekman Theatre
9/8 – Toronto, ON @ Revue Cinema
9/9 – Brookline, MA @ Collridge Corner Theater
9/10 – Indianapolis, IN @ The Irving Theatre
9/11 – Chicago, IL @ Patio Theatre
9/13 – Minneapolis, MN @ Riverview Theater
9/14 – Kansas City, MO @ Screenland Armour Theatre
9/16 – Denver, CO @ Mayan Theater
9/17 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Fort Douglas Post Theatre
9/18 – Boise, ID @ Knitting Factory
9/19 – Portland, OR @ Joy Cinema
9/21 – Sacramento, CA @ Colonial Theatre
9/22 – Las Vegas, NV @ Giordano Theatre
9/24 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Frida Cinema
9/25 – San Diego, CA @ Landmark Hillcrest Cinemas
9/26 – Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theatre
9/29 – Austin, TX @ Southwest Theaters
9/30 – Shreveport, LA @ Shreveport Little Theatre
10/1 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Grand Cinema
10/2 – Birmingham, AL @ The High Note Lounge
10/4 – Tampa, FL @ Tampa Pitcher Show
10/6 – Winter Garden, FL @ Garden Theatre
10/7 – Columbia, SC @ 701 Whaley
10/9 – Louisville, KY @ Baxter Filmworks
10/10 – Columbus, SC @ Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse
10/11 – Cleveland, OH @ Capitol Theatre
10/12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Regent Square Theatre
10/13 – Detroit, MI @ Cinema Detroit
10/15 – Montreal, QC @ Rialto Theatre
10/18 – Los Angeles, CA @ Downtown Independent

Those who have attended Repo! The Genetic Opera or The Devil’s Carnival tours in the past can attest to the fact that these events are not traditional movie screenings: audience members are encouraged to dress-up, sing-along and participate. The Alleluia! tour will be no different, so attendees are encouraged to dust off their halos and red noses and come prepared! We’ll see you there – at The Devil’s Carnival!

ABOUT ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL: Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival is imagined by the team of celebrated film director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, and IV) and writer-actor Terrance Zdunich – who also collaborated on musical cult films Repo! The Genetic Opera and the original The Devil’s Carnival. Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival is produced by Sean E DeMott for Execution Style Productions, Chris Bonifay for Limb from Limb and Chang Tseng, and executive producer Brian Perera for Cleopatra Records. The music and lyrics for the film were composed by Saar Hendelman and Terrance Zdunich.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I really enjoyed the first chapter of “The Devil’s Carnival” which I attended in the great “Times Scare” space in Times Square of our Big Metal Apple. That particular event started out with some quirky live entertainment and then we got the film and a comprehensive Q&A with the director. After that, some of the fans who purchased special tickets got to meet members of the cast and take some cool photographs with them. Overall this was a fun-filled creepy night and many of the audience in attendance dressed up in costumes or sported some wild clothes and makeup to bring the event up a notch. I’m going to do my best to attend the regional showing which appears to be a little farther uptown this time. What about you? Does this interest you at all? If so please chime in below but leave any spoilers out if you have somehow seen the second film.

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