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HBO Max Presents: “Doom Patrol” Season 2 Official Trailer

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By now you are slowly getting more and more excited about this brand-new HBO Max streaming service because not only will it be the home of the eventual “Green Lantern” series and “Justice League” The Snyder Cut, but we’ll also be able to enjoy some of the programming that was previously only available on the DC Universe service. “Doom Patrol” was an interesting series on that service and its second season will be premiering here as well. Let’s take a look at the trailer for the second season.

The Plot: In the first season, the Chief is captured by the malevolent Mr. Nobody, sending the Doom Patrol on a journey to rescue him. Along the way, they discover secrets about themselves and of the Chief, whom they eventually learn is responsible for the tragic events that gave them their powers.

Cast and Characters:
April Bowlby as Rita Farr/Elasti-Woman
Diane Guerrero as Kay Challis/Crazy Jane
Joivan Wade as Victor Stone/Cyborg
Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan as Clifford “Cliff” Steele/Robotman
Alan Tudyk as Eric Morden/Mr. Nobody
Timothy Dalton as Dr. Niles Caulder/The Chief
Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk as Larry Trainor/Negative Man
Alec Mapa as Steve Larson/Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man
Devan Chandler Long as Flex Mentallo
Will Kemp and Dave Bielawski as Steve Dayton/Mento
Jasmine Kaur and Madhur Jaffrey as Arani Desai/Celsius
Lesa Wilson as Rhea Jones/Lodestone

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Some full disclosure here, I really enjoyed the episodes of “Doom Patrol” that I got to see but my subscription ran out and then the bills needed to be attended to based on the virus. Sadly, with this state of things right now some sacrifices need to be made. I do have HBO as a part of my cable subscription but at the time of this writing I am not sure if this gives me access to HBO Max as well. This trailer looked as weird as I expected it to be and I wonder what you think about it and whether or not you will be subscribing or looking into doing do. Chime in down below in the comments section.

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