“Have A Merry Metal Christmas From PiercingMetal” (12/25/2012)

Generally I leave this kind of posting for my PiercingKen.com Site these days but today I was really feeling in the holiday mood and wanted to wish those readers who celebrate the day a very “Merry Metal Christmas”. I know its not really a term we find used but just work with me here for a second or three.

Now I really don’t have a lot of Holiday images as it refers to the Metal side of life but I did remember that I had attended what appeared to be all of the Twisted Sister Christmas shows when they came to NYC over the past few years. Well, I mean that I attended one performance from each year and not twice if they did a second night, but I digress. That leads me to sharing a shot of Dee Snider as Santa Claus from each of them for your holiday amusement. The first one comes from the bands first performance of the event which was held at the Starland Ballroom back in 2006.

The following year found the band doing two nights at Irving Plaza and for this event the stage was decorated just a little bit more and yet the show itself remained largely the same.

In 2008 the band headlined over at the Nokia Theatre in Times Square (it’s called the Best Buy Theater nowadays) and the stage was a massive setup that really brought this fun-filled idea to bigger and brighter life.

The shows would remain at the Nokia Theatre until it changed its name and if you have not yet seen one of these shows you should know that Dee is only in the Santa suit for a few moments and he moves like a hurricane so you need to act fast with your camera if you want to capture it. They have always opened with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” to date.

That brings us to our attending the 2011 show which was the same bit of fun but as I mentioned has been sticking to format much like we find happening with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra shows. It works so I guess you don’t want to change the program if it doesn’t need it right?

You can check our full on reviews of those Twisted Sister Christmas Shows by clicking HERE. Those were a lot of fun so I am a little sad that we didn’t get a proper one in NYC for 2012 (the guys instead donated their time and show for a Hurricane Sandy benefit which was a super important thing to do for sure). Closing up here are some holiday themed Metal and Hard Rock releases for you to indulge in this season in case you wanted to spend that gift money fast 🙂

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