Hate In The Box @ Port 41 (4/24/2010)

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Artist: Hate In The Box
Venue: Port 41 (New York, NY)
Opener: Saints Of Pain, September Mourning
Date: 4/24/2010
Label: Independent Artist

Captain’s Log, star date 20102404 – The planet was doomed and there was little else one could say about it but even in this grim case scenario, it didn’t mean that all hope was lost. “Attention Citizens of the Earth; our world is under attack and the aliens are already walking among you”. It is clear to me that the only feasible option is to mingle in with their number and hope to form some sort of understanding or detente before it is too late for mankind and the world upon which we wander. The Project Blue Book dossier that MIB headquarters had been handed specified about how it would be a good idea to investigate the happenings down at the Port 41 Bar, a place that was clearly a hive of scum and villainy if I ever saw one before. My mission while to observe and maintain the balance like one of Jack Kirby’s Watcher’s from the Fantastic Four comic books would not be easy if I was recognized as one of the Men In Black, but I would worry about that issue if it came to pass. Deep inside the caverns of the Port 41 Bar was an event listed as “Rock Attacks” and on the entertainment menu would be the Saints Of Pain, September Mourning and Hate In The Box. Here is how the evening took place according to witnesses.

A glitch in the mainframe or perhaps even simply some dead batteries in the ship that was supposed to bring them here found me learning that September Mourning were no longer going to perform and as result Hate In The Box would start later and the Saints Of Pain would close out the night. They had a DJ spinning all kinds of Metal music and Hard Rock and while I would have liked to see the band fronted by the one and only Emily Lazar, tonight would not be my chance to do so. Sticking to the walls and dark passages like a somber chameleon I ventured deeper into the venue to see what was going on around me. The atmosphere was not only breathable but a lot of fun and for the appearance almost everyone was done up in some sort of space character outfit. The sultry chanteuse of Hate In The Box herself was made out to be some sort of Gothic Lolita Space girl – watch out Judy Jetson cuz’ there’s a new chick on the star chart! Anyways, so back to the gig. After some dancing alien go-go girls and an introduction by a young lady who I swore was right out of the “Mars Attacks” movie, the three piece band hit the very small stage of the Port 41 and began to entertain us. Yes I said “three piece band” as the group is now down to Rainbow Blight, keytarist and science officer extraordinaire Optimus Crime and that devil doll himself Teddy Kreuger on guitar. Gone is the drummer that they had been performing with and that meant all beats were sampled and the bassist whose name I never even knew since he was a session guy was not present either. As a fan of live music I was curious to see how this would work out because while the bass chords can easily be programmed, I just love the presence and delivery of a live drummer for a band. This might be because before I served the forces of Metal in this role I also performed that task.

Despite the shift in lineup, this is actually the core of the project so it works out rather well in the end. The band has a new CD available called “Under The Ice” and much of what we heard this evening would be from that release. Blight as a singer has a smoky and sometimes high pitched register but it seems perfect for the material written in the end. The would open up with “Porcelain” and be very interactive with the audience by addressing them regularly and thanking them for making this night all the more fun. With everyone around in costumes for the most part it was clear that a show with Hate In The Box was not a “normal” event by any stretch of the imagination. Sadly the set would only be seven numbers and that surprised me a little bit when one considered how plenty of time was available with the September Mourning cancellation. “Under The Ice” was a highlight and so was the closer of “Fractured”. Kreuger’s playing was on point tonight and he was mugging and leering at the crowd in total character while Blight herself was the “human” equivalent of the contents of a Jack in the Box. She bounces around the stage space with abandon and even grabbed one of the audience to have them dance with her for one song. No one seemed to mind this and it added more life to the proceedings which for me always seems to work.

The downside would be that the band didn’t get around to playing a couple of tunes that I really wanted to hear which were “Beautiful Monster” and “Electric Dolls” but they will most certainly be back and I shall catch them again. One only can imagine what their guise will be because HITB is a band that morphs for almost every occasion and that is something to be admired since it separates them from the pack. I didn’t get to see the Saints Of Pain’s set unfortunately and I am sure they were entertaining as they kick ass on stage, and it bears mention that between the two bands a candlelight vigil was held for Peter Steele from Type O Negative who had passed away a little over a week ago. While I applauded the aspect of doing this, I felt that doing so between two bands takes away the overall vibe and fun sense of the night. I am among the many that will miss Peter Steele’s writing, but I think his memory would have been better served by a large toast by the headlining Saints than to stop and hold candles. To each his own when it comes to organizing fans things. My need to leave was based on tomorrow being the Amon Amarth invasion over at The Fillmore NY and since they were bringing along Eluveitie, there was no way that I didn’t want to be rested up for that one.

HITB set:
1. Porcelain
2. Malevolent Symphony
3. Pins and Needles
4. Broken Sticks
5. Under The Ice
6. Out Of Reach
7. Fractured

Captain’s Log star date 20100424; Some more fun from the show.

“Attention people of Earth, the invaders have arrived and the only way to prevent your doom will be to make an appearance at the Port 41 Bar (now renamed “Star Port 41” for the event being given the cautious eye to this evening) to see if you could offer up some manner of peace offering.  The Star Port, while an obvious hive of scum and villainy would be where these denizens from beyond the stars  would congregate tonight.  Managers of the establishment please pardon the very obvious Star Wars reference but we really couldn’t resist using it.  This would be the landing site for an event called “Rock Attacks” and performing would be The Saints Of Pain, September Mourning and Hate In The Box.  You can learn about that show in depth by clicking the bands logo below but we also recommend that you scroll further down this blog post to enjoy some additional candid moments and images that are only presented here from this very night.  Now make sure the cabin pressure is secure and read more about this space oddity.

The sign at the Star Port 41 showed that it was not only open for business, but that Aliens were most certainly welcome to walk inside its doors.  Feeling brave?  Then tarry no longer and step inside my fiends.  I bet those people who teased the geekier folks about speaking Klingon were regretting their actions tonight.

Star Port 41 – The Den Of Musical Iniquity This Evening

Once “safely” inside the bars confines you would see the official invitation to the festivities for the night.  I love when fliers are as well done as this one here.   Reminds me of when I needed to do them myself.

“Rock Attacks” oh indeed it does.

It should be noted that the bar falls under the premise of “dive bar” and that is great to know if you are seeking to escape the tourists that wander about in mass number only a block away.  It’s also a bikini bar and that means the bartenders are in bikinis.  Sadly, I was not permitted to photograph them and share with you all.  My loss?  Hardly.  More like their own.  Now onto the alien infestation that was in full swing at the time of our arrival.

The Space Girls are also “Brain Eaters”

The three space girls you see above are also the folks who bring you that Brooklyn Cable Access show “Brain Eaters”.  I admit that my incredible schedule keeps me from knowing too much about it but I have seen the girls at some shows walking the walk and not just talking the talk so that’s a good thing.  If quirky horror and science fiction programs with a Metal and Gothic twist are your cup of tea then by all means check them out via this LINK.

Mars Announces and then Attacks

The girl from “Mars Attacks” was called upon to make some band announcements and she did so with skill.  It was very, very dark in the bar so a nice clear shot of this seductive alien invader were not too easy to snare.  Either way, the MIB dossier was updated with this image and it works for our purposes going forward.

HITB’s Teddy and Optimus “UNMASKED”

A rare shot of Hate In The Box’s Teddy and Optimus unmasked.  We were amazed that even catching this image did not find us disintegrated on the spot.

PiercingKen meets Mugato

The chance to meet the event organizer, a sinister breed of alien who called himself Mugato took place as you see here.  Don’t worry, that’s not really a Coors Light beer bottle you see in the photo but is a sub-atomic particle separator that was reshaped to assist in my documentation of this evening’s gig.  Had this Mugato decided to threaten my Men In Black person, he would have been vaporized where he stood.  That’s just how we roll in this business of Inter-planetary relations and administration.

Optimus Crime and Friend

Before the show we caught up with Optimus Crime and one of his friends who I believe came all the way from Venus for this particular show.  Talk about band dedication.

Space Rainbow Blight & Friends

Here’s a couple of shots of singer Rainbow Blight only moments before she was set to tear up the stage.  Love the outfit Blight, you did good on this one for sure.

Space Rainbow Blight and Friend

The band also had their official merchandise being guarded by Duck Dodgers and his mate it seemed.  I approached with caution in order to capture a visual of this for our files.

Duck Dodgers, Protector Of The Galaxy’s Merch

Here is some of the other worldly treats that were available.  It looked interesting to say the least but I was not 100% sure about what they all were outside of the CD’s.  I had to get back to noting the musical portion of the night but perhaps they were scented soaps.

Hate In The Box Merchandise

Like what you see?  Well then please enjoy another view.

Hearts, Stars and Presents from Hate In The Box

Mission accomplished but of course you “normal citizens” of the Earth will never remember it since we made sure that this was the case.  You will just have to come back here again and again to see what went down and what you experienced because thanks to the modern technology under our control you will never remember it on your own.

Official Website: http://www.hateinthebox.com

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  1. Haha, nice work with the Star Wars theme, Ken. 🙂

    Although let the record state that I did stay for Saints of Pain, and rocked out hard to them as well, and then went to work the next day, and then danced my ass off for Eluveitie the next night!

    Some very good pics of HitB, by the way!

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