Hate Bassist Slawek “Mortifier” Archangielskij Passes Away On Tour (4/5/2013)

My apologies for the fans about getting this memorial brief online a few days later than planned but I have really been keeping a frenetic schedule this past week and unable to get a lot of things done. That being said, we just wanted to be sure that our readers knew that Hate’s bassist Slawek Archangielskij aka “Mortifier” had passed away. The Polish Blackened Death Metal band were actually on tour and the musician apparently went to bed and simply never woke up.  What a shame.

"Mortifier" in NYC (2011)
“Mortifier” in NYC (2011)

The band posted a statement which read: “At night 5th/6th April near a German town of Munchberg, our friend, best comrade and longtime bass player unexpectedly passed away. After the show in Stuttgart last night he went to sleep and never woke up. We found him lifeless early in the morning and immediately called an ambulance. He was reanimated, but to no avail. Results of S?awek’s autopsy should be known soon. In this situation, we decided to cancel the remaining shows and return home. We gave detailed testimonies to the German police. We are shocked and shattered by his sudden, unexpected death. We mourn together with Slawek’s family and friends. Adam, Konrad, Stanislaw, Daniel /HATE”

I only ever saw the band in action once and I think its because they had only been to these parts for that one tour with Mayhem. With that in mind we send condolences to his worldwide fans, friends, and family and share the gallery that was posted for that show HERE.

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