“Hardwired” (Single) by Metallica

Artist: Metallica
Title: “Hardwired” (Single)
Label: Blackened Recordings
Release Date: 8/26/2016
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Believe it or not it’s been eight years since Metallica released the “Death Magnetic” album and while we can expand upon that in a full album review when the time comes, let’s just leave it as its been too long since we’ve had some new Metallica music to thrash about to. Lucky for us fans the wait is over as the band has just delivered some power packed crunch with the first single called “Hardwired” from the forthcoming album “Hardwired……to Self-Destruct”. Now if that isn’t a “METAL” sounding album title I don’t know what is, but what about the tune itself? Have the guys softened up a little in the eight years, or have they decided to go back to what made them great to our ears in the first place. I’m glad to inform you that this lead single is a proper Metal song and shows that Metallica have not forgotten where they came from.

Starting off with a snare drum assault that helps to build the momentum of the guitar riffs, “Hardwired” is a tune that is going to be sending you swirling into the mosh pit at the live shows and perhaps even your living room if you don’t have too much stuff cluttering your path. It’s an aggressive number for sure and I was head banging as it played through after moments of listening. It’s a fast paced tune as well running just over three minutes but I should warn you that playing this in the office is likely not good since there are some expletives from beginning to end. This is exactly the kind of tune that I wanted this to be and it makes me all the more excited for the upcoming album. Bring it on Metallica, I think we’re all ready for this one. Nice work.

Track Listing:
1. Hardwired

Official Website: http://www.metallica.com

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