Happy Halloween 2016 My Fiends

“BOO!!!” I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of our readers a “Happy Halloween” today and hope that they had some fun during the just past “Halloweekend” as it was being referred to. As in the past, I’ve made sure to offer up a little themed photo for the day. The little Grim Reaper was an avenue discovery that I just loved and the mask, well that was also a discovery after a festival. Now its mine for future use.


Be good to the ghouls and goblins today and during the off time read some Horror themed comics or books, watch a scary movie and listen to some Horror Punk or Metal. We’ve got lots of Wednesday 13, Misfits and Lordi for you to enjoy on that end right here on the site if you need some referral recommendations. See you next time and before you go, let me know what your favorite costume worn ever was and paste it in the comments below (you should be able to do that last part).

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