Happy Halloween 2014 Metal Legions!!!

Hey it’s Halloween and I wish you a spooktacular day of fun and treats that only this day can bring you. As readers of the site know, I try to get a themed photo out to our masses each year. This used to be on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog but now all that content is a part of the main new format website. Here you go 🙂


This year’s photo comes care of my fiend Jay who snapped it while we were enjoying some other fiends bands at a local pub. The timing was perfect because I had not secured a proper mask like I have used in the past for this particular post. The creepy bugger I’m holding actually belonged to another friend, Rob. I love when things work out as I need them. So that being said, have a Happy Halloween, listen to some Horror Punk or other musical artists that go bump in the night. May I suggest some Misfits, Wednesday 13, Alice Cooper and The Others? Good stuff there.

For this interested in this sort of thing, my annual Halloween post is currently live on my Piercing Ken site, just click on the logo below to be taken to it. It’s something that I like to do each year over there since its such a fun day for me.

Click For Halloween Post on PiercingKen.com
Click For Halloween Post on PiercingKen.com

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