Happy “Batman Day 2014” World

2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of the first appearance of Batman in “Detective Comics” #27 and with that momentous occasion DC Entertainment has declared that today is officially to be known as “Batman Day”. Yep, you’ll find yourself heading to the batpoles in order to enjoy this day properly.

Banner - Batman - 75

This super cool day will be celebrated in a few different ways as participating retailers such as your local comic book shop and places like Barnes and Noble will be offering their patrons this free copy of “Detective Comics” #27 Special Edition. The comic features a modern day take on the now classic story that took place in the original issue some seventy five years ago. You know you want this in your collection, check out the cover below.

Batman Day - 2014 - Detective Comics 27 - Special Edition

There is also a set of super cool masks that depict the Caped Crusader from over the years.  The super savvy detectives among you might recognize one by Bob Kane, the classic television series Adam West one and Frank Miller “Dark Knight Returns” in the image below. Do you know which one is which? An invisible gold star to those who know every single one of them.

Batman Day - 2014 - Masks

Depending on your neighborhood shop you might even be able to purchase a special edition Batman cape.  Make sure to bring a little extra $$$ along with you so you can partake in other Batman items that are available on addition to the free ones discussed here.

Batman Day - 2014 - Cape

I’ve been a Batman fan since I could walk and have numerous collectibles with his grim visage on them as a result. Last year I covered a Mezco Toyz event and the Caped Crusader made an appearance. Here is a shot as he arrived in the classic Batmobile. You can read that story HERE if you like.


That day I got to catch up with The Batman for a few quick moments and thanks to our good friend and stalwart chum in media crime-fighting (the one and only Skeleton Pete) this historic team up was captured for the public to enjoy.

PiercingMetal - Batman 66 - Team Up

Pete wrote up something today as well so read that via THIS LINK to show some love. In a little while I’ll be heading over to my areas own Galaxy Comics 2 in Bay Ridge nice and early to not miss out. Now “To The Batcave!!!”

Official Batman Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman
Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com

There are plenty of great collected editions to enjoy and I’ve embedded links to several of them for you to watch out for in the comic and book shops or you can just order any of them via Amazon.com right from this narrative.

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