“Hammer High” (Single) by Hammerfall

Artist: Hammerfall
Title: “Hammer High” (Single)
Label: Napalm Record
Release Date: 9/23/2016
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

The second single from Hammerfall’s upcoming album “Built To Last” comes care of the song “Hammer High” which I can say is quite the sing-along anthem sort of number that fans have come to love from a band like this. I’ve been a fan of Hammerfall for over a decade now (not as long as some others of course but still) and my main issue is how the tune starts off exactly like Nightwish’s cover of the Gary Moore classic “Over The Hills and Far Away”. I mean its beat for beat on the drums and I had to wonder if their own drummer was thinking of the tune when he put his mind to the skins for this one. That critique out of the way the song is in its defense on the catchy side. Cans and company have made sure to offer up a song that should get all of the audience at the shows with fists raised into the air singing along with them.

The guitar work of Dronjak and Norgren work is solid unison and with these two tunes as teasers on what is to come, I think that Hammerfall will not disappoint their legions. “Built To Last” will be Hammerfall’s first album on Napalm Records so I wish them well with the new label. It gets released to the masses on November 4th so you have plenty of time to assemble your Metal armies and lay siege to the walls in front of you.

Track Listing:
1. Hammer High

Official Website: http://www.hammerfall.net

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