Guitarist Nita Strauss Drops By Sam Ash Music NYC w Blackstar Amps

Earlier today, Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss dropped by the NYC location for Sam Ash Music to do a signing for fans in support of the Blackstar Amplication gear that she was currently endorsing. She did a session on this equipment back in February at the NAMM convention as well I was told. On Friday night she made an appearance at the Carle Place Sam Ash out on the Island where there was a little bit of a performance included for those in attendance.

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Nita had a great photo of herself with the amps that would be given out at the signing table after the clinic demonstration had taken place. Below you can see one of the signed ones which was scanned for your viewing pleasure.

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Here’s one of the Blackstar Amplifiers. Commence your pining and wanting one of these if you are a guitar player who is playing Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. A lot of the players that you are following have been using these amps and among their number you’ll find Gus G., Frank Hannon, Silenoz (Dimmu Borgir) and Kimberly Freeman (One Eyed Doll) and many more trusting their sounds to come from these. Having seen these players I can say that it works.

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Now the down side of this for me was the incorrect time information that had been broadcast. It read 6:30pm for both Sam Ash events and while this was true for Friday, this was not the case on Saturday and it was at 3pm instead. I arrived closer to 4pm based on traveling time and the clinic was already over. Nita was still there and told me that she had only jammed with a couple of young girls who wrote her beforehand asking if they could all jam out. They did Alice Cooper’s “Poison” together and while I would have loved to snag that clip for you, alas time was not on my side. The original plan for Nita was to do a signing only at this location. That being all done, the guitarist did indulge me with a few candid shots in front of the equipment.

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nita strauss, guitarist nita strauss, nita strauss clinic, nita strauss photos

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In addition to the photos Nita had a drink cozy bearing the Blackstar branding and she signed those for the interested fan as well if they wanted that.

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Here’s Nita with the reps from Blackstar Amplication. I liked the shirts bearing the branding since it looked sleek but they didn’t have any extras on hand to giveaway. Perhaps next time. I also suggested that she bring along guitar picks bearing her name since so many people collect those things nowadays.

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Before Nita headed out I had to get a photo with her as well. She’s too cool to let the opportunity pass you by after all.

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You can learn more about these amplifiers via the official website which I have linked below and of course be sure to follow the continuing adventures of Nita Strauss as she tours with the mighty Alice Cooper. They will be hitting the Barclay’s Center together in the coming months supporting the Final Tour for Motley Crue and the reviews of Alice’s set with Nita on the axe have been great. I’m hoping to be there myself as I missed the MSG show that happened in October. All in all it was nice to get a chance to meet Nita and showcase her and this equipment on the website. I look forward to a future guitar clinic that features her.

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