Grim Reaper’s “See You In Hell” @ Thirty Years

Artist: Grim Reaper
Title: “See You In Hell” @ Thirty Years
Label: Ebony Records
Release Date: 7/13/1984
Genre: Heavy Metal

“Can I Make You An Offer….You Can’t Refuuuuuuuuuussse!!!!!!” was the first resounding line that Steve Grimmett hit your ears with like a shrieking banshee after the thunderous drums intro that propelled the riff of guitarist Nick Bowcott. This was many Metal fans introduction into the world of the NWOBHM band Grim Reaper who celebrate the thirty year milestone of their debut album “See You In Hell” today. My own first go at the band came care of what I recalled as being via a promotional flexi disc that was in one of the Metal magazines that I read back in 1984. Yep, I remember when it was new to the ears of most fans I must admit and while this was the only track on the disc I played it to death. I even did my best at learning the tune on the drums since I was heavily into exploring my own musicianship at the time as well. It surely was an exciting track and a great way to snare an audience that was now heavily into Judas Priest and Iron Maiden at the time and keeping an open ear for new and thrilling bands.

Formed by Nick Bowcott and Steve Grimmett back in 1979, the band signed to the independent Ebony Records who would release their debut album on this date in 1984. Some research found me learning that 1983 was a release year too but the US audiences got it thirty years ago today. Looking back on the album I remember thinking how the title and first track was probably the best and the rest of it while solid was not winning me over as much as Priest or Maiden were. This was not meant as a slight but with Priest had unleashed “Defenders Of The Faith” already and Maiden was getting ready to deliver “Powerslave” in a couple of months so there was a lot of competing for the audience attention. Of course those fans who wanted their biggest musical interests to be among the underground stuff that all of their friends had not managed to jump onto the bandwagon about, made sure to support groups like this and make their sound the stuff of legend. For this recording the band was comprised of Steve Grimmett (vocals), Nick Bowcott (guitar), Dave Wanklin (bass) and Lee Harris (drums). A reunion of sorts happened several years ago but now in today’s rapidly changing musical geography, singer Steve Grimmett fronts his own version with all new players. This version of Grim Reaper actually just recently played two nights at St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY but I was unable to attend.

If I had to choose a few other tracks from the album that most interested me I would say that “Wrath Of The Ripper” since that made me think of Priest similar track and “The Show Must Go On” since I have always held a special place for Metal ballads in my musical mind. Lastly I would add “All Hell Let Loose” since I felt this also had a driving melody that I enjoyed more than some of the rest. Overall this was a solid effort and with that being said I am a little mystified about why the band didn’t achieve greater levels of stardom as opposed to being one of the better kept secrets in Metal’s book. I fear that we shall not find a special anniversary edition being released anytime soon but you can still find copies of this available for cheap online (so the link to peruse that is below for your consumption). Where you a fan from back in the day or is this a new discovery to you? Perhaps you caught one of their appearances during their original or later incarnations. Either way please do feel free to speak up in the comments section as I would love to hear what you have to say.

Track Listing:
1. See You in Hell
2. Dead on Arrival
3. Liar
4. Wrath of the Ripper
5. Now or Never
6. Run for Your Life
7. The Show Must Go On
8. All Hell Let Loose

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