“Goodbye” & “Thanks” To Chimaira For Their Metal Contributions

Okay so please let me first beseech your forgiveness about getting this news online a few days after it started making the rounds. This was not an intended oversight but more based on my limited time at the Metal Command HQ while participating in and devoting my time at some other events during the evenings for the past several days. That said here is where we stand. A few days ago it was reported that every single member of the band Chimaira had quit the group with the exception of singer/founder Mark Hunter. Two days later, Hunter himself announced that the band would be dissolving and their official website now shows the following announcement directly from Hunter.

RIP - Chimaira - 2014

Over the course of the ten plus years that I have been a music journalist, I can stake claim on having seen the band on several tours that they had opened up for and while enjoying much of what I had heard and witnessed being done on stage, I never truly followed them. Still it is rather sad to see a band of this kind calling it a day as their fans were many and they sure knew how to throttle the Metal senses in the live sense. Below is a rundown of every musician that had participated in the band over the years.

Chimaira was 1998-2014: Mark Hunter (lead vocals, main songwriter), Jason Genaro (drums), Andrew Ermlick (bass guitar), Jason Hager (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Rob Lesniak (bass guitar), Andols Herrick (drums), Rob Arnold (lead guitar, main songwriter, bass), Jim LaMarca (bass guitar), Chris Spicuzza (keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals), Matt DeVries (rhythm guitar), Richard Evensand (drums), Kevin Talley (drums), Emil Werstler (lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar), Ben Schigel (drums), Austin D’Amond (drums), Sean Zatorsky (keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals), Jeremy Creamer (bass guitar), Matt Szlachta (rhythm guitar).

The bands official website showcases the art used in this post but who knows how long a domain will be kept online with the band not choosing to remain active. I guess there will be a Facebook for their fans sooner or later if its not replace this link already as far as their fan activity goes. Below the link you will find some of their catalog on Amazon.com, perhaps there are still some albums that you need in your collection. Thanks for the Metal Chimaira, I wish all of you well on behalf of PiercingMetal.com and its global readership. I am sure that you all will introduce us to new crushing Metal in other bands eventually.

Official Website: http://www.chimaira.com

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