“Gold” by Styx

Artist: Styx
Title: “Gold” (remaster)
Label: Universal Music
Release Date:
Genre: Progressive Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Styx is a band who many feel were one of the finest of the Progressive Hard Rock outfits ever established and this view finds little argument when you add up the number of hit makers they have in their songbook. “Gold” has done right by the fans in its issue because unlike a typical greatest hits package that gives you but a sampling, this as an anthology works very well and touches upon a lot more music. While no release can ever capture every single amazing song that a group might have I think that 35 selections is a great start for any fan. As you peruse this particular track listing you do find a representation from some of their most pivotal and respected albums. The band was started in the early 60’s under a different name eventually becoming Styx for the release of their first record in 1972. The brothers Panozzo, Dennis DeYoung and James “JY” Young formed the nucleus of what was to become a musical blockbuster. Eventually recruiting Tommy Shaw the band would mix powerful Melodic Arena-styled Rock with elements of Progressive bands of the day. Listen to “Lorelei” on Equinox if you have any doubts on that. The band would find a breakthrough epic in their release “The Grand Illusion” and lead them to the chart-topping “Paradise Theatre”. Songs from all of these albums are here to enjoy (with five of them from “Paradise” alone). There is even some music from the confusing “Kilroy Was Here”, an album that essentially caused the end of the band of the time before the reunions with varied memberships would take place in the following years.

The line-up changes were not always planned as original drummer John Panozzo would pass away in 1996 while his Brother Chuck would become too ill to handle the rigors of touring. John’s death would inspire the moving Shaw-penned track “Dear John”, a touching ballad dedicated to the musician that I dare you to not become misty eyed as it plays. Over the course of their career they had released a couple of greatest hits packages to the public but not until this album was it done right. Any die hard Styx fan will find some omissions that will set them off but truly this is one impressive song list. As someone who grew up as a lot of these songs were being brought to life it appealed to me on many different levels. It’s a group that did a lot for Concert Rock and showing them appreciation is best served with this release.

Footnote: This CD was originally released in 2004 under the title “Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology”. The liner notes and historical booklet/photos are exactly the same as on this release.

Track Listing:
1. Best Thing
2. You Need Love
3. Lady
4. Winner Take All
5. Rock & Roll Feeling
6. Light Up
7. Lorelei
8. Prelude 12
9. Suite Madam Blue
10. Shooz
11. Madamoiselle
12. Crystal Ball
13. Grand Illusion
14. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
15. Come Sail Away
16. Miss America
17. Man In The Wilderness
18. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
19. Sing For The Day
20. Renegade
21. Pieces Of Eight
22. Lights
23. Babe
24. Borrowed Time
25. Boat On The River
26. A.D. 1928
27. Rockin’ The Paradise
28. Too Much Time On My Hands
29. The Best Of Times
30. Snowblind
31. Mr. Roboto
32. Love Is The Ritual
33. Show Me The Way
34. Dear John
35. One With Everything

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