Glenn Danzig Signs Feature Film Deal With Cleopatra Entertainment

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The Press Release:
Misfits and Danzig front man, Glenn Danzig, to write, direct and compose music for upcoming anthology film based on his own graphic novels. This week, legendary musician, Glenn Danzig of the Misfits and Danzig fame, has signed a feature film agreement with Cleopatra Entertainment, a division of the Los Angeles independent record label, Cleopatra Records. Danzig will pen, direct and compose music for the feature film which will be structured as an anthology splitting its running time between 3 individual characters/storylines based on Danzig’s own popular Verotik comic book characters.

Owner and CEO of Cleopatra Records/Cleopatra Entertainment, Brian Perera says of the partnership, “Glenn has a fantastic track records of building brands including Verotik. We’re excited to bring his vision and passion to the screen.” Verotik is Danzig’s long-running brand of mature horror comic books and related material. The comics, featuring mostly deadly femme fatales, have been in print since 1994. Principal photography for the anthology film will begin fall of 2018.

Glenn Danzig & Brian Perera

About Cleopatra Entertainment: Cleopatra Entertainment is a Los Angeles based multimedia company founded by Cleopatra Records head Brian Perera. Recent films in release include the Brit-Pop laced MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH, Egypt’s official entry to the 2018 Academy Awards foreign language category SHEIKH JACKSON, the critically acclaimed ENGLAND IS MINE, directed by Oscar and BAFTA nominated director Mark Gill and A STREET CAT NAMED BOB, based on the international bestseller by James Bowen and Garry Jenkins and directed by Roger Spottiswoode. For more information about Cleopatra Entertainment, please visit the website below.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: In today’s world, the box office is loaded with movies based on comic books or science fiction novels and they make a whole lot of money. Based on this, the collaboration between Danzig and Cleopatra is some pretty awesome news for sure, and it makes sense since the comics that Danzig has dished out under his “Verotik” imprint could make for some interesting video projects. Of course, the nature of these titles is almost always “For Mature Readers” and feature topics and subject matter that are NOT for the faint of heart or the young. As most readers know, I am a pretty big advocate for the comic book industry and if this is a shocking revelation to you for some reason, please click over to our “Comics” Category when you have a minute to see all of the stuff that has been dished out over there. Thought I’ve read a few of Danzigs comics over the years, they were not on my regular list of issues at the comic book store and based on the subject matter were not always carried by the retailer. Some of the independant stuff has too low a profit margin against the cover price to risk stocking it against a stack of more affordable and popular Marvel and DC Comics and that’s just the way it is. With Verotiks imprint having characters like Satanica, Morella, Drukija and Grub Girl, these films would have to be rated “R” or relegated to a streaming service like Netflix or the Cinemax “later evening” programming to avoid the easily affected (or infected) minds. I’m game to see what they could work out together since not only do I have plenty of actors and musicians in my circle of friends who could use the extra work, but I am a big fan of Cleopatra Records output. Years ago they were the reason that many of us were able to own the full back catalog of Finland’s The 69 Eyes and most recently they did a couple of special edition Twisted Sister pieces that I still need to get my hands on but I digress. What do you readers think about this news? Are you fans of Danzigs comic book line and if so what title do you think makes for the best possible first release? Chime in down below in the comments section.

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