Glenn Danzig Announces NYC Screening For His “Verotika” Film

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I am sure that most of you know that singer Glenn Danzig is not only an influential musical voice, but he is also a writer of horror themed comic books and a filmmaker. His film “Verotika” will be based on these comics and we snagged this news from his official website. It comes at an interesting time as he recently commented about the upcoming Original Misfits gig at Madison Square Garden (seen HERE). Take a look.

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The Announcement:
Get Ready N.Y.C.!!… The Long Awaited N.Y.C. Film Premiere of Glenn Danzig’s “VEROTIKA” has been announced for Friday October 18th at the AMC Empire 25 Theatre in Times Square area, the Night before The Original MISFITS Historiy-Making Show at Madison Square Garden.

DANZIG & some Cast Members will be on hand to discuss the Film afterwards. Limited Tickets for VEROTIKA will go On Sale this Thurs. Sept.26 at THIS LINK:

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I don’t know all that much about the film, since I didn’t see an Official Trailer for it anywhere, I will likely pass on the limited showing unless we end up with a press invitation to be a part of this in some official capacity. Sometimes we folks are even sent a screener in advance for the purposes of reporting as we found being the case with “Lords Of Chaos” and “Murder In The Front Row”. At the end of the day it makes supporting such works a lot easier when we have more talking points but I digress….Danzig’s “Verotika” remains a bit of a mystery so if you are able to secure a ticket for yourself, let us know how it is. See you next time.

Official Website:

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