Giving A Hard Rock “KISS” To Times Square :)

I had to chuckle the other night when one of my readers saw me at a show and said “you really do post quite a few KISS things don’t you” because he was right and with their being my favorite band I am going to keep on doing that when I find something that is interesting. That said, I passed by the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square and noticed a bright marquee showcasing a brand new and limited edition KISS t-shirt. This bore looking into but first a few shots of the cool marquee.


The band was officially inducted into The Rock and Roll Of Fame only recently and before you ask, yes the images of KISS in this marquee and the subsequent shirt are Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric.







Since it was hard to get a good look at the shirt in the window based on it being Times Square, I just made sure to shoot one of the shirt I purchased. Oh come on like you didn’t think that I was buying this. It does look nice if you ask me.


Here are the back symbols. I liked how some of the proceeds were going to City Of Hope which is a cancer research hospital.


There was also a cool pin as well and since I liked the look of it I decided to grab that as well.


Official Websites:

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