“Girls Got Rhythm” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Girls Got Rhythm”
Label: Liquor & Poker Music
Release Date: 8/22/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

In the three years since the “Rock & Roll” arm of Century Media Records was formed, the listening public has been able to enjoy some kick ass rockers such as Backyard Babies, The Black Halos and The Hellacopters. There’s a ton more and if getting down and dirty in a dark bar while a band pumps out the tunes then I advise you look more into the artist roster that they offer. To celebrate their third anniversary the label has taken the idea of presenting 13 tribute acts to some of the greatest Rock bands of all time. Yes, there is KISS, Cheap Trick, Iron Maiden, ACDC and Black Sabbath and a few more – to mix it up a little bit they made sure that each of the cover bands were comprised entirely of women. Part of you might be saying, WHAT, an Iron Maiden tribute made up of women, well yes my Friend and The Iron Maidens are one of the standout presentations on the recording with their version of “Run to the Hills”. Thundherstruck (ACDC) does a great job on their track, but the lead singer sounds like she belonged in a Heart tribute since her vocal is so dead on. Hell’s Belle’s really do justice to their song “Back In Black” while Mistress Of Reality and The Little Dolls deliver solid Sabbath and Ozzy as their contributions.

It is definitely an interesting release with other bands giving a little Led Zep, KISS, more ACDC, Hendrix and The Ramones however a couple of bands just didn’t do it for me (Black Diamond, Ms. Fits, Cheap Chick for example). My thought on that was because the recording quality of their particular songs sounds a lot less sonic in its delivery than that of the others. Having heard most of these groups for the first time on this recording (these are all unsigned outfits) I could not say further on their overall level of quality. I admit this is a cool thing for all the groups involved as L&P not only gives you a full color 16 page booklet, but they include photos of all the contributors and ask for their input on the particular band they have chosen to honor in this fashion. Links to each band site is provided for the listener to do more research on their own. Cover art was designed by Alan Forbes who also designed the L&P logo and has provided artwork for the Black Crowes among others.

Track Listing:
1. Thundherstruck
2. Iron Maidens
3. Mistress Of Reality
4. Cheap Chick
5. Black Diamond
6. Ms. Fits
7. Hell’s Belles
8. The Little Dolls
9. Zepparella
10. Kissexy
11. Whole Lotta Rosies
12. Ramonas
13. Foxey Lady

Official Web site: www.liquorandpokermusic.com

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