“Gilby Clarke” by Gilby Clarke

Artist: Gilby Clarke
Title: “Gilby Clarke”
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 1/30/2007
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: 3.5/5

Gilby Clarke is no stranger to Rock & Roll and despite his background, there is always the chance that younger fans are largely unaware of his many accomplishments. For those of you who only know his name from the blockbuster television show “Rockstar: Supernova” then this CD offers you the perfect chance to see just where the performer comes from and what he has brought to the table musically for so many years. Clarke’s resume reads most prominently with his contributions to the music of Guns ‘N Roses where he replaced Izzy Stradlin while the group was on tour back in 1991. He left in 1994 (Axl machinations as expected) and proceeded to record and produce on his own showing quite the prolific body of work. That brings us to this tasty compilation release. Musically the best way to define the songs that Clarke usually delivers is by saying its a little bit Black Crowes and a lot of Rock attitude. Listeners will find this collection as a cool treasure chest since it covers his solo releases (Pawnshop Guitars, The Hangover, Rubber, ’99 Live and Swag) which cover 1994-2002 along with some other trinkets. From start to finish, this is solid Rock & Roll and even if you were never a fan of his the diversity and groove of the tracks offers you the chance to try him once again. In 2006, Clarke was a prominent figure in the public eye as the guitarist for a Tommy Lee fueled show and band that would feature Jason Newsted (Metallica/Voivod) as well.

The show was an instant hit as singers vied for the coveted position that ended up with Lukas Rossi winning out. Despite his winning, there was another worthy contestant in Dilana and she is featured on the song “Black”. It is a good track but far too Janis Joplin, as opposed to the unique style that she possessed on her own. Personally, I felt Rossi was the worst choice of the lot and had hoped for some odd twist from last season that found stellar Marty Casey returning and getting the gig. Other treats here are selections from Col. Parker, the group he had with Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats). They were a good band that sadly failed to generate the interest that was deserved. It was totally different from the Stray Cats sound. Clarke is also a strong Producer who has worked with both L.A. Guns and Crash Kelly. The material on the CD finds one of its strongest tunes in lead track “Cure Me Or Kill Me” which while one of the oldest inclusions is still a fresh dose of Rock attitude. I was also quite fond of “Skin ‘N Bones” and “Alien”. As one of the core creators of the music of RSN, you can see the developments offered here that come to fruition on the new vehicle. This is a great sampler of a very productive career. The musical climate has changed and once again offers this brand of Rock and Roll the time and despite all the other offerings the genre brings out this pure roots stuff still sounds fresh.

Track Listing:
1. Cure Me Or Kill Me
2. Tijuana Jail
3. Black
4. Skin ‘N Bones
5. Wasn’t Yesterday Great?
6. It’s Good Enough For Rock ‘N Roll
7. Punk Rock Pollution
8. Kilroy Was Here
9. Bourbon Street Blues
10. Can’t Get That Stuff
11. Dropping Out
12. I’m Nobody
13. Alien
14. Judgement Day

Official Website: www.gilbyclarke.com

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