“Gigantour” (DVD) by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Gigantour”
Label: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 9/5/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 2/5

When “Gigantour” was announced as an event to see some of the greatest Metal acts of today in one place and find it headlined by both Dream Theater and Megadeth you knew this was a winning situation for Metal heads of all ages. Those that attended the tour during its first go round in 2005 really had a great time as they really got to see some juggernauts on the same stage and for a very reasonable price. The show was also a great alternative to the Ozzfest and the ever-confusing musical content of Warped Tour. If you wanted pure Metal and a literal shred-fest, then Gigantour was the place you would want to find yourself at. As the shows blasted through the East Coast I attended one of them with fellow media folks and it was truly a good time although we had found some issues with set times and line up arrangements. Certain bands seemed a mismatch to some fans and others seemed more deserving of a later spot on the event as well as a longer set time (during the shows bands like Nevermore and Fear Factory only played 25-30 minute sets and each was supporting a new album). This DVD captures a little bit of the excitement of the tour and also gives you a glimpse into the stuff that went on backstage.

I have to admit that with an event like this I expected the DVD to be a lot more special. Running at two full DVD’s and knowing the potential for this medium I really would have liked to see more footage from the actual concert. Bands like Therion and Amon Amarth have released live DVD’s that ran over five hours of concert footage and unfortunately with Gigantour we get the same exact songs that are on the CD release, with Anthrax omitted (that’s only 17 songs). During the review of another DVD I lambasted the band who inter-laced the backstage footage and goodies between the concert songs, citing that this should have been on a DVD of its own. However, when this sole DVD is issued and you lose extra concert pieces as a result of its inclusion that is not good either. As a result this DVD set is more of a teaser or film trailer for the real concert and will make you hate that you missed this one, or aim you right to the next one. Songs from all of the bands are included, even if they are not some of the best stuff that was done during the show. Dillinger Escape Plan and Anthrax who also performed are not featured on the DVD. This is a purchase for only the die hard fan who needs everything more than it is for someone who wanted a really loaded concert film.

Band Listing:
1. Megadeth
2. Dream Theater
3. Fear Factory
4. Nevermore
5. Life Of Agony
6. Symphony X
7. Dry Kill Logic
8. Bobaflex

Official Web site: www.gigantour.com
Official Web site: www.megadeth.com
Official Web site: www.dreamtheater.net
Official Web site: www.anthrax.com
Official Web site: www.symphonyx.com
Official Web site: www.nevermore.tv
Official Web site: www.fearfactory.com
Official Web site: http://www.theofficialbobaflex.com/
Official Web site: https://www.facebook.com/drykilllogic
Official Web site: http://www.lifeofagony.com/

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