Ghost Introduces “Cirice” To Their Loyal Flock

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This new clip from the band Ghost was actually posted a few days ago over on Vevo so I apologize for any delay in my presenting it to you readers who might be loyal members of their flock. It’s for the recently unveiled track “Cirice” which will be found on their upcoming third album “Meliora” and this is now the perfect compliment addition to my quick discussion of the bands North American touring announcement which I spoke of HERE in case you missed it. Check it out and then I will toss some thoughts into the mix.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I really enjoyed the new tune and of course this clip since it reminds me of the far too many talent shows that I had to sit through over the years. Okay some of them might have been good but there is a larger among that were no where near it. Seeing The Namesless Ghouls taking over the show with their not quite tween Papa Emeritus III was a hoot. I also loved the quasi-Carrie take that manifests itself at the videos climax so kudos to the young actress that was exacting vengeance in that part. Yeah Ghost seems to have pulled off something special again and I think this album will continue their rise to power. What did you folks think about it? Let me know in the comments.

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