Get Ready For Wizardworld NYC Experience!!!

I’ve known about this event for a couple of months already but never took a moment to make sure that it was on our readers radar. With our having covered the last few years of the NY Comic Con, I wondered how many fans were thinking about hitting this event. Take a look at a great way to spend your Summer on June 28th, 29th, and 30th…..

Logo - Wizardworld NYC Experience

Yep, the 2013 edition of the Wizardworld Comic Con, is now listed as the NYC Experience and its going to be held at a brand new space called Basketball City. I’ll admit that I have NEVER heard of this space before so I am equally curious about it. This convention seems to have broken up a lot of its special events in advance and lets you purchase tickets to them now. I am speaking about the celebrity signings or discussions, and photo ops. There is too much to list right now but I will say that fans shall have the chance to meet Patrick Stewart, Ray Park, Stan Lee and Neal Adams. Take a look at the official website linked below where you can purchase tickets and plot out a little more adventure.

The link will also line out who is scheduled to appear and what you can expect to discover. Right now I think I will be there as well, and if this ends up happening you can count on me adding a healthy blog narrative to the mix. Hoping I see a lot of Metal and Comic Book fans in attendance.

Official Website:

Here’s some cool trade paperback recommendations from one fan to another. There is some really great stuff out there in the medium and that is what keeps me offering up some coverage of the conventions and creators.

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