Genitorturers @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (11/17/2009)

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Artist: Genitorturers
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Sex Slaves, Nassau Chainsaw
Date: 11/17/2009
Label: Retribution Music

Although I remember reviewing a CD or DVD release or two in the past from the Genitorturers, I had to admit that they were never really my thing and I was more focused on the blazing Power Metal or the crushing sounds brought on by those dark Norwegian powers that be. Of course there was a certain amount of curiosity about how they did their stuff in the live sense and fortunately when the group came through town to promote their latest album “Blackheart Revolution” I felt it would be the perfect chance to learn. The show would be at The Gramercy Theatre and have Nassau Chainsaw and Sex Slaves as the openers. I wanted to see what everyone was like tonight so I made sure to arrive nice and early. Here is how the show went down for those who are wondering.

Nassau Chainsaw: As I walked in to this band’s set, and based on what was happening up there on the stage, my thoughts are that they are the same group that I had heard about and missed once before at this same venue. Essentially it was something of a Rapcore/Metalcore band that used a couple of vocalists and a conventional grouping of musicians and then would also offer one of their friends the chance to be suspended high above the stage and swung out over the heads of the crowd by two other dudes. In truth this was perfect for the setting that Genitorturers would bring to the table, but since this swinging dude was a big guy I had some serious fear as he was being swung over my head. I kept visualizing the chain giving way for some reason and him landing on top of me or some of the other Metal fans in the crowd. To be honest this whole set was lost on me, and I didn’t enjoy it. I am sure it is someone’s cup of tea but just not my own. I pretty much just counted the minutes until they were done and they stopped playing, disconnected their friend and made the stage clear for the Sex Slaves. If the whole “suspension” thing is your bag then you might love this but I felt that the sound the band had needed a little bit more as well. I’m not a fan of how Rap is used in Metalcore all that much either and think we are finally at the time where that genre moves on from anything Metal.

Sex Slaves: I met the Sex Slaves a few years ago when they were recording what I think was a debut album and since that time the guys have issued upon their fans the new release of “Wasted Angel”. I’ve not heard the release yet but will assume that their set was focused on it. The band is a three piece unit and performs a brand of Sleaze Punk or Trash Rock when it comes down to it. It was very energetic and lively as a set and seemed to have some of the audience rocking to what they were delivering. The band is fronted by Eric 13 who sings and plays lead guitar while Del Cheetah handles bass and backing vocals. He might have sung a full song as well during the show but I lost track at one point. The drums are solidly maintained by J Bomb. This would be the first time I ever caught the Sex Slaves in concert and I had to say that they did a great job of getting the place in the proper mood for the Genitorturers set which was coming up soon. I would see them again and hope to be able to absorb that new CD at some time in the future.

The Genitorturers: I was really curious about what would happen during the set by the Genitorturers because I had only heard stories in the past and seen those couple of video releases. It was clearly wild stuff and something that you don’t want to bring a younger member of the Metal faithful into the mix of before they hit a certain age. That’s based on the very sexual nature of the presentation and the fact that the group delivers some scandalous lyrics on top of this Industrial Metal fetish show. The group is fronted by Gen who sings and does the larger part of the performance in terms of the costumes and theatrics and they usually feature Evil D on bass who many might recall as being a member of Death Metal legends Morbid Angel. Mr. Evil was not present tonight and handling the bass in his stead was Nate “Hate” Manor who we are well aware of from being someone in the Wednesday 13 band. Guitar comes from Eric Griffin while drums are courtesy of Angel. Everyone in the group looked to be prepared for the part at the show but as mentioned earlier, the main attraction is Gen herself.

The group’s newest album is called “Blackheart Revolution” and comes care of Retribution Music. I’ve listened to it briefly and found it to be pretty good for what it is. Having never truly been a study of the whole Industrial Metal vibe some of that ethos is lost on me. The show this evening was more about the visual side of this band and believe me Gen was pulling out all the stops. She first arrived in an outfit that made her look like a more Metal version of Madonna or perhaps in accordance with today’s music scene, a Lady Ga Ga on steroids. She exudes sexuality in her delivery and seemed to have the audience in her thrall from the minute she walked on the stage. It was wild stuff to say the least and while there were a few additional props on the boards it was nothing to make you take your eyes off of her and instead keep them focused on Gen’s every move. The band sounded really good and I was finding myself more impressed with them in this setting than on an album and perhaps its because the bands that use a lot of visuals are better received in this fashion as opposed to merely on the stereo. During the set we also found a giant of a dominatrix come out in a bra and panties which I admit was an odd look for a guy but worked well within the context of the show being delivered. This same dude came out a little later in a devil mask and outfit for the song “Demon In A Bottle”. All of these visual surprises were bringing the bands songs to a larger than life manner which made the whole show a rather effective piece of entertainment for the dollar.

I would see The Genitorturers again if the chance arose and this is based on the fact that I am sure that no two shows are alike. There might be some similarities across the board but I am guessing that many of the antics are decided upon as the night progresses. Another interesting part of the show would be the type of audience that the gig attracts and we saw some really unique characters in the venue and it really brought the experience to a whole new level for me. We talked about some of that coolness in the blog so please check that out. There were models, vampires and other domination type people walking around and it was a far cry from what is found at those Power Metal shows that I enjoy so much. Thanks to the Genitorturers for leaving me with a show that I will not soon forget.

Sex Slaves Set List:
1. Submission
2. Requip
3. Back Up
4. Asylum
5. Behind
6. Chase
7. Hiding

Genitorturers Set List:
1. Cum Junkie
2. Razor Cuts
3. Take It
4. Devil In A Bottle
5. Terror Vision
6. Liar’s Liar
7. One Who Feeds
8. Strip Doll
9. Louder
10. I Touch Myself
11. Lecher Bitch
12. 120 Days
13. Sin City
14. Rev
15. Public Enemy Number 1

Tonight the bands merchandise would be sold on the general standing area of the floor at the Gramercy and while I am not sure why it was done, it made the moshers need to watch themselves just a little bit more.  Generally this stuff can be found downstairs which I prefer since it often gives the band the chance to mingle with their fans if they wanted to a little easier.

Genitorturers Merchandise Stand
Genitorturers Merchandise Stand

The band had some cool stuff available for the fans and not only were there shirts but also some music CD’s and video releases.  You might be able to see that there was even Genitorturers logo panties for the special lady in your life.  The schwag was being dished out by this lovely lady.

Genitorturers Merch Girl
Genitorturers Merch Girl

The two lovelies pictured below are another part of the reason that the show was interesting as they added to the evening’s uniqueness. I struck up some conversation them and learned that they were Pin-Up models and those are the kinds of folks that one does not often meet so I was happy to speak to them. The red haired raven is Miss Devil Kitten while the tattooed lass with the black tresses is the one and only Minnie D’Moocha.

Minnie D'Moocha & Devil Kitten
Minnie D'Moocha & Devil Kitten

We’ll get back to the girls in a moment, but first we wanted to bring up that we also ran into Mr. Acey Slade at the show.  At the time Acey was present because he not only was checking out the band, but also because he had a show of his own coming and he was hoping to round up some extra bodies for the gig.  Here is a shot of Slade and the Pin-Up hawtness.

L to R: Devil Kitten, Acey Slade, Minnie D'Moocha
L to R: Devil Kitten, Acey Slade, Minnie D'Moocha

As you see by the next photo its such a tough life being a Rock Star but of course Acey manages to handle himself well.  Did you know that Acey and his band the Dark Party have a new CD coming out?  Well yes they do and you can easily order a copy by clicking this LINK Check it out because his new sound is a little different from what we are familiar with him doing in the past.

Devil Ktten, Acey Slade, & Minnie D'Moocha
Devil Ktten, Acey Slade, & Minnie D'Moocha

So back to my new friends Ms. Kitten and Minnie who were definitely classy company for the show.  After chit chatting back and forth about their modeling shoots and those kind of adventures we decided to use the downstairs area of the Gramercy Theatre as an impromptu photo studio.   Here’s a shot of these lovelies together.

Devil Kitten & Minnie D'Moocha
Devil Kitten & Minnie D'Moocha

We know you readers want to see more photos of the girls so you can do that by clicking HERE for a full fun gallery of their own.  I had a blast getting the chance to take some photos of them and figured this was great practice for me should I ever decide to switch from live music photographer to stylish pin-up model photographer.  I’ll say that it’s a clear upgrade in subject matter for the most part 🙂

Hostess With The Mostess
Hostess With The Mostess aka Machine Sex

One of the ladies at the show was this young lass whose name sadly escapes me, but I was referring to her as the Mystery Miss or the Hostess With The Mostess based on how she was handling herself.  We snapped a couple of shots with her and our new pin-up friends as well.  Then there was this dude…..

Hostess & Vampire
Machine Sex & Vampire

Here’s our new mystery friend and a dude who was decked out in a neck to toe vinyl outfit and baring some shiny fangs to boot.  I’m not too sure how comfortable this stuff is but I gave him credit for kicking up one’s concert attire a notch or eight.    My problem with outfits like this is that they lack a place for one’s wallet or cell phone so it’s pretty safe to say that you will never find me braving such attire.   I do admit a fondness for the mystery gal’s top hat of course and think that its rather chic.  Maybe I will get one and begin announcing shows…..picture it…”Good Evening NYC, I’m etc etc etc.”

Ken Pierce & Mystery Miss
Ken Pierce & Machine Sex

Before the night closed up I just had to snare a shot with the lady in the top hat so we did one.  Yes my eyes are closed again and I am really thinking that I need some kind of shaded contacts to prevent the glare from blinding me.  Thanks to all the years of sitting at a computer for this slight weakness.  As I walked out to the ride home we caught up with this chap and I am admittedly at a loss for words.

A Genitorturers Fan Flashes The Horns & Much More
A Genitorturers Fan Flashes The Horns & Much More

Kudos to this dude for the bravery in being able to deal with this outfit all night.  Yes it’s brazen but surely works within that which Gen and her merry troupe are singing about.  If you are thinking that you are seeing things and imagining a guy in a Genitorturers shirt along with assless, chain mail leggings then I must inform you that your eyes are fine, or at least were 🙂  My guess is that he drove home because I just cannot imagine anyone being able to ride the train like this.  Horns up dude, and on that I bid you goodnight.

Update: 9/10/2010: When we originally wrote this article we were not too sure of the young lady listed as “Mystery Miss” and “Hostess”.  Thanks to a commenter many months later we discovered her name to be Machine Sex.  The photos have been modified to reflect this but the narrative left as it was to not lose its original flow.

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  1. It was a blast but i must admit that i was a bit too loaded when genitorturers finally hit the stage. Its not always easy to be early on the venue and see 2 opening bands, you might end up spending your time (and money)on beer while waiting for the main band.

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