Gavin Rossdale (Bush) & Ed Kowalczyk (Live) Look Back @ Woodstock 1994 Performances

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Back in March we helped to announce the hot summer tour that was pairing up Bush and Live in an alert that can be found HERE. Yesterday we were asked to share a fun clip as Gavin Rossdale and Ed Kowalczyk (singers of Bush and Live respectively), look back on their performances at the 1994 edition of Woodstock. Let’s take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: That was a fun reflection and one that brought back memories. I wasn’t at the 1994 Woodstock of course but was watching it on one of the networks that was airing it. I remembered commandeering the family television set and recording set after set of the bands I liked the most on VHS Tapes. You younger generation readers might be laughing at that notion but those of my vintage are scratching their chins and wondering where their own VHS cassettes of this might be since this was something that was done quite often. I still have those tapes somewhere but no longer a working VCR but I digress. For those in the vicinity of our Metal Media Command HQ, the NJ show is in the coming weeks while the NY show is in August. I’d like to catch this one for sure and based on my schedule think the Long Island show my best bet. Oh yeah and speaking of Woodstock. That famous festival is still apparently having a 50th Anniversary event up in Watkins Glen State Park. Reports on this are conflicting of course with news of a cancellation (discussed HERE) and a statement from its founder that countered it (seen HERE). Only time will tell what ends up happening with that one but as I close this alert up I wonder how many of you are more excited about this classic co-headlining tour thanks to this short clip. Chime in down below and I will see you next time.

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