“From Here To The Hearse” by Wednesday 13

Artist: Wednesday 13
Title: “From Here To The Hearse”
Label: Wednesday 13, LLC
Release Date: 7/13/2010
Genre: Horror Punk
Rating: 3.75/5

Even though Mr. 13 is one of the music business’ most underground personalities, he is also someone that deserves a “Greatest Hits” release of his own and with that in mind we proudly present to you “From Here To The Hearse” – The Greatest Hits Of Wednesday 13. The album takes an interesting slant on the conventional hits compilation and since someone like Wednesday 13 is viewed as a “cult icon” and gets limited if any radio attention, the term “hits” is subjective and is better viewed as “most popular songs”. With that in mind the ghouls and boys who want to sink their fangs into this one should be aware that there are no real surprises to its content, but it is an album that covers a wide range of the musician’s career. Before we continue the fans should realize that for this release, Wednesday has decided to go the vinyl only route and limit the issue to 1000 copies worldwide. This makes sense in some fashion as vinyl seems to be popular again among the collectors, even though I can count on one hand the people that I know who still own record players.

The selections on the album cover not only Wednesday’s life as the king of modern Horror Punk, but also his identities and music from side projects like Bourbon Crow and Gunfire 76. I think that this was good to some extent since it gives those fans that might not have walked down those roads with him a quick glimpse into those bands, but on the other side of the fence this was not a good idea. I present the other side based on the fact that adding these tunes omits the chance to present some of the other coolness that W13 has done over the years. For me as a longtime fan, I could not believe that “I Walked With A Zombie” or “Morgue Than Words” were not here, but oh well. I might have been a better idea to do a full album of W13’s very best in the Horror stuff and then added a second LP or released an additional one entitled “The Other Side Of Wednesday 13”. You’ll have to excuse me, but when it’s a group I enjoy my creative juices flow like blood after a vampire attack. The Gunfire 76 stuff fits right in the pocket with the regular W13 tunes since its very Punk in its drive but the Bourbon Crow material is Outlaw Country and while interesting and a part of the singers life, might have worked better if presented in another fashion. There are a couple of live tunes delivered and I am sure that fans who grab this LP will enjoy them since W13 is such a fun live act in the first place. Yeah his stuff does transfer best when you see it with your own eyes, but I am thinking that just hearing them will increase your interest in hitting one of his shows.

The LP closes up its journey with a brand new W13 track which was added as a gift to the fans. Sadly I did not have access to this for the purpose of review, but am sure if it follows suit with the music we heard on “Fang Bang” or “Skeletons” than it will work out just fine. As mentioned this is a strict release of 1000 copies, so if you are a hard core fan you best get ordering now. If you are still new to the sound of Wednesday 13 be sure to look into the “Fang Bang” CD and the first Murderdolls album “Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls”. Fans of the man will be excited to learn that at this point in time Wednesday is once again working with The Murderdolls and their new album “Women and Children Last” will be out in the Summer of 2010.

Track Listing:
1. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
2. Fom Here To the Hearse
3. B-Movie Babylon
4. I Love To Say Fuck (2007)
5. Suck My Dixie
6. Long Way To the Bottom
7. 19766 [Live]
8. Los Angel-Less
9. One More Reason To Hate You
10. It’s a Wonderful Lie

Official Website: http://officialwednesday13.com/

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