“Framed In Blood: The Very Blessed Of The 69 Eyes” (Expanded Edition) by The 69 Eyes

Artist: The 69 Eyes
Title: “Framed In Blood: The Very Blessed Of The 69 Eyes” Expanded Edition
Label: Cleopatra Records
Release Date: 11/13/2012
Genre: Gothic Hard Rock
Rating: 4.5/5

Cleopatra Records has been amazing in their issuing of the entire back catalog by the Helsinki Vampires, The 69 Eyes I’ve already reviewed a healthy chunk of them here on the website. Recently, the label announced an expanded edition of their greatest hits package “Framed In Blood: The Very Blessed Of The 69 Eyes” and that this version would have a now very hard to find DVD concert film included. Since I reviewed each of those already and there isn’t much else to say about them, I have decided to place both of those articles text here to speak about the new version. Take a look.

2006 CD Review: The 69 Eyes or the “Helsinki Vampires” as their fans know them best bring you a career spanning Greatest Hits with “Framed In Blood: The Very Blessed Of The 69 Eyes”. It is a nice collection of tracks from across their existence and offers a good look inside to the band for those that might be unaware or serve as a tasty sampler for those ardent fans. The Finnish group has a large following in Europe, but have only begun to make some ground in the US Market since 2005 and what this album does well is bring you back to the very early Glam-era stuff and leads you up until their harder edged Gothic sound that is the focus of the band today. The solid 18 track best-of has a number of great moments and you will find that singer Jyrki 69 definitely has a style that comes more rooted in older Rock and Roll than that of Metal (his vocals at times are very reminiscent of both Jim Morrison and Peter Steele). The deep, resonant tone shakes you up at times and yet is full of cryptic fire at others. Some stand out numbers are on this CD are “Brandon Lee”, “Gothic Girl” and “Wasting The Dawn” all of which are among my favorites from their catalog. New potential fans need only look into these tracks for it can easily make you a follower of their often hypnotic sound.

There are some similarities to The Cult on tracks like “Crashing High” and “Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams” but I felt that was more due to the guitar groove used than an actual copy of that bands style. The group also delivers an interesting take on the Blondie classic “Call Me” which is not an exact re-do which makes it a little more fun to listen to in this incarnation. This album was originally released in 2003 on GaGa Goodies, but since it was an import it was very difficult to find here in the states. The band has been picking up steam lately with a recent release entitled “Devils”, available on Bam Margera’s 456 Entertainment label as well as on one of his compilations. Cleopatra Records has worked out a deal where all of the bands back catalog will be made available in the USA and far easier to own. The popularity of the Gothic scene in these parts will surely welcome this band who while being in existence for some fifteen years, since are not receiving the acclaim they deserve. The night has gotten darker thanks to the people at Cleopatra Records. The lyrics and some photos are included in the booklet with the CD. This is a must have for any fan of Gothic-edged Hard Rock & Roll.

2006 DVD Review: Fans of The 69 Eyes can rejoice as the music and video of this great Gothic Hard Rock group is now available thanks to the folks at Cleopatra Records. This DVD was originally released in 2003 from a show recorded in the Tavatasia Club in their native Finland back in 2002. The concert footage performance includes a healthy dose of the bands best tunes up until the time of the filming. Given it’s a club appearance the best effects one sees is the dramatic lighting or different camera angles. There is nothing really in the way of outrageous stage setups or designs but you do get a rocking set from “The Helsinki Vampires” back home among their die hard fans and this is never bad for a concert piece. From starting tune to encore lead singer Jyrki 69 is in great form and style as he delivers the music to perfection. He is one of those enigmatic front men that make watching a band all the more fun and along with guitarist Timo Timo and drummer Jussi, he leads the charge of Goth & Roll greatness. While the production is limited to great sound and clear visuals this DVD will impress any who watch it and it’s sure to help the bands cause by generating some additional interest in them. Before the deal with Cleopatra Records the only release that has been domestically available was their latest album “Devils”. This is a band that rocks and has a very accessible style which has allowed them to build up an audience in parts of the world where finding their music is more often than not a truly difficult undertaking. This DVD also includes all of the bands video clips and several other interesting features guaranteed to please the children of the night. The bonus features include videos for “Betty Blue”, “Dance D’Amour”, “The Chair”, “Brandon Lee”, “Gothic Girl”, “Wasting The Dawn”, “Call Me” & “Mr. Pain”. “Beyond The Dawn” director’s cuts, “From Russia With Goth” the band in Moscow, Interview With The Vampire & Discography.

So have I convinced you to get into some sonic exploration and investigating of the music of The 69 Eyes if you are not already a fan? Gosh I hope so because so much of this stuff is awesome and there is no better way to start ones musical adventure than with a greatest hits package that also features a live concert film. Thanks again Cleopatra Records, you really did some good in expanding this bands fan base.

CD Track Listing:
1. Brandon Lee
2. Dance D’Amour
3. Gothic Girl
4. Wasting The Dawn
5. Crashing High
6. The Chair
7. Velvet Touch
8. Call Me
9. Stolen Season
10. Betty Blue
11. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
12. Framed In Blood
13. Tang
14. Too Much To Lose
15. Still Waters Run Deep
16. Ghettoway Car
17. Lay Down Your Arms, Girl
18. Babysitter

DVD Track Listing:
1. Crashing High
2. Angel On My Shoulder
3. Forever More
4. Gothic Girl
5. Velvet Touch
6. Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear
7. Stolen Season
8. Sleeping With Lions
9. Stolen Season
10. Sleeping With Lions
11. Betty Blue
12. Radical
13. Still Waters Run Deep
14. The Chair
15. Dance D’Amour
16. Framed In Blood
17. Stigmata
18. Brandon Lee

Official Website: http://www.69eyes.com

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