Former White Lion/Megadeth Bassist James Lomenzo To Run “The Amazing Race”

Well it looks like Reality Television is getting another shot of Heavy Metal because this time around James Lomenzo (the former bassist of White Lion and Megadeth) will be running “The Amazing Race” with his friend Mark Abbattista aka Abba (a lawyer). Perhaps this is the new trend because this is the second time an actual Metal personality of some kind of note will be participating in something like this. We most recently witnessed Jennifer Arroyo aka Miss Jenncity (former of Kittie) giving it her all on “Big Brother” (and I mused about that HERE).

I’ve been a fan of Lomenzo’s since back in the White Lion days as I really enjoyed that band and used to see them in action from time to time at the original L’Amour. Sorry but I don’t have any photos of my own from that era but did snag the press photo from the Internet. I’ll take a guess that this came from Hit Parader or Circus Magazine. Remember those mags? I know that I do. His tenure with the group ranged from 1987 to 1991 and featured three albums and a hits compilation. Some good stuff on them for sure.

Lomenzo would go on to work with Zakk Wylde and be a part of his Pride & Glory band in 1991 before signing onto Black Label Society around 2005. He can be found on that bands “Mafia” and “Kings Of Damnation” CD’s and their “Doom Troopin'” live DVD as well as the only album from Pride & Glory which originally came out on Geffen and was re-released by Spitfire Records in 1999. In 2006 he would join the ranks of Megadeth and I caught him in action with the band on a couple of their tours. He would leave the lineup in 2010 and mark the return of Dave Ellefson. The next couple of shots I did shoot as I was reporting on them for

James Lomenzo in Megadeth (2007)

This show will be easier for me to keep up with since I have enjoyed TAR since it first started. Much easier for me than “Big Brother” which I find tedious to a fault. No offense to those who love that one. It is just not for me.

James Lomenzo in Megadeth (2008)

The race starts this evening on CBS but don’t worry if you keep a hectic schedule and need to DVR the shows for viewing at a later date (just try to avoid the water cooler conversations about it or your Facebook feed if your friends are all up on it). You can also keep up with “The Amazing Race” by watching full episodes online at THIS LOCATION. That is how I do it. Good luck to James and Abba.

2 thoughts on “Former White Lion/Megadeth Bassist James Lomenzo To Run “The Amazing Race””

  1. I like Amazing Race, one of the first reality shows and is still going
    strong. Along with The Survivor. Unfortunately most “reality TV” shows
    these days are pure garbage. And there’s way too many of them. BTW for those of you on Cablevision, CBS finally added on-demand to the lineup and it’s free (no kidding).

  2. Having been running an “Amazing Race” of Metal shows since the season premiered, I am only now catching up to the 11/18/12 episode which found James and his teammate Abba being eliminated. Missing passports are never a good thing in a foreign country. Oh well. I enjoyed seeing them run as “The Rockers”.

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