Former Kittie/Suicide City Bassist Ms. Jenncity (Jennifer Arroyo) Will Be On “Big Brother”

I’m not too sure about how many of the PiercingMetal Musings blog readers are fans of Reality Television shows but there just might be a few of you out there and based on one of the participants on the “Big Brother” program this season I am posting a blurb blog note for you all to be aware of. It seems that the popular CBS television show is getting a dose of Metal this coming season by bringing Miss Jennifer Arroyo into the house. This will be the second “Metal Person” to compete with the first being Adam Poch who while I do not know personally, does know many of my Metal circle people. To my knowledge Jennifer will be the first musician of note to play.

Ms. Jenncity as she likes to be called was a member of Kittie back in 2002-2005 and recorded their “Until The End” album before moving on to different projects. She also worked with Suicide City since their inception and until their breakup/hiatus in 2010 and recorded both an EP and a full length release. The latter of which was put out by The End Records. She is a solid and interesting musician on the stage so I wonder how she will convey this personality into the program. I guess only time will tell if she has the right stuff to last to the end and win the money.

So while I totally wish Jenncity the very best of luck in the competition in the Big Brother House, I will tell you right now that I absolutely hate this program. I made it through one season several years ago and just didn’t find it of interest. Having met and interacted with Jen a number of times since launching the website, I will stand behind her and wave the flag of support but knowing me I will likely be a few episodes behind as there are too many concerts to sit and focus on a show that airs three times a week. Fortunately for busy folks like myself, CBS offers you the means to watch a number of their shows online via your computer, tablet and even some mobile phones. Trust me this is a good option as there are less commercial breaks to sit through. That being said I will close out with “GOOD LUCK JEN, KICK SOME METAL ASS!!!!”

PS: Oh yeah, the photos that I used here were shot by me back in 2009 when Jen was the emcee at a Fashion Event for Wicked Threads. If you have interest in that particular story, you can find the scoop HERE.

The first episode airs on 7/12/2012 – Enjoy.

UPDATE: 9/16/2012 – I realize that I am a little behind in this news but I did want to make sure that I edited this post to let you know that Jenn did get eliminated from the Big Brother House the other day. I tried keeping up with it via the online means and made it about 15 episodes but then I got too sidelined with site to do’s and I personally find this particular reality show to be too tedious for my liking so I stopped watching. She had a good run and seemed to be flying under the radar for the most part. Let’s hope it did find people being more interested in what she is all about.

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