“Force Of Evil” by Force Of Evil

Artist: Force Of Evil
Title: “Force Of Evil”
Label: Escapi New Media
Release Date: 1/27/2004
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

Former Mercyful Fate dual lead guitar players Shermann & Denner are back in action with a group that will definately impress the fans of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. The band is called ‘Force Of Evil’ and their self-titled release has yet to leave my CD player. I think I have had 5 full listens already.

All members with the exception of vocalist Steene were associated with Mercyful Fate or King Diamond at one point in their career. I feel this is what makes the group have a very Fate-like musical quality. I think that it would be hard to avoid this sound with the dual shredding of the Fate axemen. However do not anticipate that Steene sounds like King Diamond for he does not. He is a great metal singer just the same yet has more in common with Joey Belladonna than King if one were to form a quick comparison of vocal style. In all honesty this is better for the group in that if Steene sounded exactly like Diamond he would risk being called a copy cat.

Notable tracks include ‘Hell On Earth’ & ‘Mindbreaker’ with quick tempos and great rhythm. It did not take me long to have these at the most played numbers. Slower numbers such as ‘Eye Of The Storm’ & ‘Misery Man’ roll along with a solid heavy grind. While ‘The Calling’ is a thunderous piece that uses the bands title in it as it rumbles through the stereo.

Members roll call is Hank Shermann, Michael Denner (both on lead guitar), Martin Steene (vocals), Hal Patino (bass) and Bjarne Holm (drums).

The group has begun touring and according to press releases they will be issuing a live DVD in March. Since the band is so new I would hope to hear some classic Fate in their set. Whether their live show will be as theatrical as that of King Diamond remains to be seen but I do advise the Fate/Diamond fanbase to snare a copy of this as it is quality metal. I am sure this will be a great band to see live. At present I am unaware of any US tour plans as their site shows mostly Europe.

Track Listing
1. Dawn Of Dominion
2. Hell On Earth
3. Mindbreaker
4. Eye Of The Storm
5. Misery Man
6. Samhain
7. The Calling
8. Fountain Of Grace
9. Under The Blade
10. Demonized
11. Eternity

Official Website: www.forceofevil.net

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